GONG owners... AC or no AC?

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    All GONG owners,

    I have a question. Do you prefer a GONG tubes with an AC or not?

    I have a new tube and I am debating on getting an AC for it. I like ACs a lot, but as of late I can't really decide. I have a KC inline for my ROOR, but I use the inline more as a bubbler than as an AC.

    ACs do enhance the quality of the smoke substantially; don't get me wrong. They also make cleaning much easier, but they do add drag and volume. Sometimes I find it hard to clear tubes with ACs and percs. They add so much volume to the piece that I feel like I am going to pass out if I try to milk it completely and clear it completely; I do have very good lung capacity, so do not question the power of my lungs... ha ha... I think the additional volume of an AC contributes more to difficulty of clearing than the drag of an AC...

    I have been back and forth on this for a while.

    Sometimes I like the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) approach; sometimes I like something a little more complex.

    To AC, or not to AC. That is the question...
  2. To AC, or not to AC. That is the question...

    And my answer is......

    Yes AC but only if you dont mind being careful and having your GONG rip your face off
  3. get a activated carbon filter. imo, that thing does more for my Gong experience than the a/c does. dont get me wrong, i love my gold crown roor a/c, but the carbon filter is just such a cheap and amazing add on...

    but then again, u complain abt drag, which the carbon filter is a culprit of...but not more than an a/c.
  4. I've been usin it without an ashcatcher for sometime, but every now and then ill take it out and get that extra milk :smoke:
  5. I have a ROOR carbon filter and I love it. I actually wrote an extensive review about it. The thing about a carbon filter is that it minimally changes the volume of the piece. I am beginning to think volume is more the culprit than drag when it comes to ACs.

    ACs looks so cool though...
  6. Link to review?

  7. hahahah, i l-o-l-ed.

    oh, and i agree!

  8. hahahaha

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