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GonG Converter

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by phreakymonk, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Picked up this GonG converter the other day at the local shop, only GonG piece they had in the whole store haha lucky me


  2. That's a sick bong man, enjoy.

  3. siiick piece brotha!.... enjoyyy~~
  4. very nicel ookkin MILK SHOTS!!@!!
  5. Lovin that bong, it makes me think of the one I am saving to get, looks nothing like that but it makes me thingk of mine non the less. NICE BONG BRO! JOE>
  6. looks handy
  7. Very cool design, lets see some milkshots!
  8. Sweet +rep for the nice milkshot
  9. Im pretty sure i already gave you rep for a milk shot, or maybe i just posted somethin in a gallery? i dunno, either way... nice milkage, and ill try to give rep if i can
  10. that is such a clean bong, i like the design alot on it. Maybe i will invest in a couple different things this summer :smoke:

    btw, +rep for the killer milkshots
  11. sweet bong man nice pics
  12. Niiice milkin man. Love the zong too
  13. how does it hit with the gong conversion?
  14. that thing is sick man. nice milkshot too. +rep
  15. Hey man i just saw that last night on Tokecity i beleive. Haha I think you should put that picture up of how dirty it was befor you cleaned it i bet youll impress alot of people! haha but anyways sick bong, sick gong converter, and sick milkshot! +rep
  16. Lol yeah, it was pretty dirty but it gets that nasty in a week so, slack on the cleanin a lil and it gets gross, not that hard to clean though, i just use iso, epsom salt, and the secret for cleaning dirty bubbles, torn up paper towels, just put it in and shake it til clean lol :hello:


  17. sweet bong and milkage man. how much was that bad boy??

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