Gona be working at jiffy lube maybe?

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    So im gona be working at jiffy lube i guess? The guy already gave me this drug test sheet, and told me to get drug tested? Does this mean i got the job? I know its gona be clean since i haven't smoked in like 4ever, but yeah i'm just wondering?
  2. You probably got the job. Businesses don't usually bother to give you the literature on drug testing policy, much less send you for a test, unless they're planning on hiring you. I'd say there's a very good chance you just got yourself a conditional job offer. Congrats :)
  3. Are you sure like should i call them? I got a sheet and i was told to come back tomorrow and get it filled out soo i need more opinions
  4. You should go to the shop and fill out the paperwork and see what's up
  5. Not really no....

    There not going to do any training or anything like that just to find out ur on crack....

    ur getting tested now so they know if your worth thinking about putting effort into
  6. This post totally confused me what? Im not on crack, and are you saying they think im worth worth it?
  7. First job eh?

    Yes you pretty much have the job at the point they give you drug test paperwork. They have to pay for drug tests. They don't pay for drug tests for everyone who applies, that would be ridiculous. They pay for the people they've decided to hire; if you fail then they move on to the next person.

    However I don't see why the hell you're questioning anything at all:

    "I got a sheet and i was told to come back tomorrow and get it filled out soo i need more opinions"

    Uhh...so do what they said...no opinions, no second-guessing, just do it...(assuming you want the job)
  8. Well now I don't even know if I want it... I got a interview next week at olive garden (i'd rather work there) and bed bath and beyond wants me. I've never been in this situation and I honestly don't know what would be the best choice.
  9. pass the test, you've got the job. after you've passed the test, i can imagine that you would be able to smoke forever. i can't imagine that the people who work at jiffy lube aren't huge stoners...

    actually i know a dude who works in that industry... he has the same dealer as me. we saw each other at the dude's house. we shared a smile and moved on.
  10. Yeah man it looks like all the people who work there are stoners, but I hear the job kinda sucks.. Like even the manager told me that a lot of people quit, but he trys to make it as chill and mellow as possible. Seemed like he knew what was up, i mean he had a shit load of dank dominos in the backroom.

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