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Goldman Sachs is on OBAMA'S Side in Terms of Reform!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by CannabisInCanada, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. read the rest...
  2. Yup, hes a neoliberal corporatist. Bill Clinton on steriods.

    I wish i would of heard more of this when he addressed the criminals on Wall St. this past week.
  3. fuck goldman sachs

  4. When I heard Jon Daily and Colbert explain what actually went down with GS, I didn't even have a witty comment to make.

    I don't understand how nobody went to prison for that.
  5. i dont understand how they can sleep at night knowing how they are profiting on fucking up people's entire lives
  6. It is in their self interest to back such a venture. Regulation makes it more expensive for financial services to operate. More regulation will make it impossible for some firms to grow and will force others to go out of business. Less competition for Goldman Sachs. Evil genius bastards!
  7. Corporatism is lovely, isn't it?

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