goldenrod is the DEVILS WEED!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by highawatha, Sep 28, 2001.

  1. and i become more allergic to the harmless lookin' flowerin weed with every passing year. it is a very bad thing that i live next to a 30 acre field of it. this year ive been blessed with a new reaction to my flowery yellow pest. watery,blazing red swollen puffy eyes :) can we say highawatha looks like a monster boys and girls??? after a solid week of nasty ugly watering red swollen crying eyes, i found out what happens....IT SPREADS under your eyes to become even WORSE!!! when this hit a certain creciendo at the top of last week, i was past going to the dr. (btw, whats the deal with some of those cold pills,wo-ah the buzz did help tho, as it would figure that ive had a very public week with my moster face!!, kids...birthdays and all. last nite when i thought it could get no worse my husband and i had a REALLY good laugh, this is what i get for teasing someone about a to wakeup this morning with the urgent need to be in PUBLIC once again,.. me, my monsterface WITH,get this,... vasceline now all over my eyes :) and half my face!!! at the bank at 8:00 a.freakin.m. *can we say STOP playin the checkbook game?
    on a lighter note my eyes have now stopped leaking and im getting better :) ,my checkbook is balanced and i cant think of a darn thing im suppose to do this weekend.
  2. Ouch I feel your pain! I am allergic to my meanie cat and I love him too much to get rid of him, and I am too doctor-evasive to go get allergy medicine.
    What's up with the allergy season hitting again this fall? It usually only bothers me in the springtime...
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  3. Do what the Big Poppa do. Get you a prescription for Claritan or Allegra D over the internet. Send it to you Fed Ex. Helps the allergies real good.

    You can also get a prescription for Viagra but Sounds like your not ready for that at this time with the monster face.
  4. but its the worst case ive ever!! its the worst bunch of allergies ive EVER had. thanks to my mothernlaw i am taking claritin now,she took one look at my monsterface and threw a whole sack at me!!! that was 3 days ago the REAL creciendo to my PAIN!!! when i TRIED to wear makup on my red swollen,leaking, terribly painful eyes. HUGE MISTAKE,..HUGE PUblic b-day party mistake.!!!i have even begun to think i reallyMIGHT need to go to the dr. after all!!!...eeek! hehe i hate goin to the dr. too
    gheeshe,wish me luck :)
  5. try taking regular, small (1/4 tsp to start) doses
    of LOCALLY PRODUCED bee pollen. (get it at your local health food store) increase dosage as you adjust to it as nec. start now, this will build your immunuty and help next time. not to mention it's good for you.
  6. Go to your Dr. In addition to prescribing Claritin/Allegra, ask him about anti-inflammatory meds. The severity of your allergy may warrant it.
  7. Yep. My sinus walls have turned to tapioca pudding also. And I always look way stoned, even when I'm not, so I guess I stay stoned, so how could I tell if I looked stoned when I'm not, if I'm never not stoned? Why am I telling you all this? I dunno. I had a point, has anyone seen it?

    Oh yeah.
    Eucaliptus. Dunno if I spelled that right, but it's the stuff them there koala bears like. Got some of that in a powder form. Along with some patchoulie and a little chicken blood and various other "natural" things, Put them in a hot tub and then fall in! Mellllllow.

    Frost should be coming to your area soon Highya. Maybe we can all breathe again then!

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