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"Golden Voice" Vs "Stoner Golden Voice"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HellsHippie, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. Ted may have the Kraft Voice.But this guy is the voice for epic video games and history channel specials!!

    what do you think?

    [ame=""]YouTube - Stoners Golden Voice![/ame]

  2. Would definitely smoke with him. Once or twice.
  3. Lmfao, I cracked up at that. That's just great.
  4. i want what this guy is smoking
  5. haha thx guys...this is actually me in the video!! hah....i have a channel on youtube i post wierd vids here and there when i get blazed know how it is lol
  6. he looks like a good time. :smoke:

    edit: you look like a good time. :smoke:
  7. i crazy to...i live life on the edge,once i paid for a dime bag with nothing but Quarters!
  8. i tried to buy a dutch with 107 pennies once. then i went to a coinstar, instead. :hello:
  9. whoa together we would pretty much be Bonnie and Clyde!

    haha but on the for real i go to prison march 1st for 90 regrettin that shit hard!
  10. hahaha sounds like me when I get baked in the woods

    ^and that sucks man. Hope you get though it alright
  11. haha you know when you bakin alone you gotta let out Heroic roars for fun! everyone does it
  12. see ya June 1st :(
    think of it as a nice t-break.
  13. ima just try and stay positive as i can in there...ive never had to do 3 months b4...ive done 30 days here and there but never this long lol
  14. Im in NC ever around this area will blaze fool!
  15. You are in love with your own voice.
  16. yes....yes i am haha
  17. If I ever need a motivational speech before I go into a huge battle for middle earth, ima call this guy.
  18. ive led many of battles!
  19. Imagine smoking a blunt with this guy and just chilling and OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE he starts yelling shit like that.

    I'd be like omg omg WTF?? :confused::eek:
  20. trust me...i do it all the time to people haha!

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