Golden freckles & Thin leafs

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  1. All below is ALL FICTION kthnx *wink*

    Im about to transplant into bigger pots all these plants. However, the oldest one has developped a few problems and one of the younger but bigger ones is curling. Here are some photographic samples.

    Overview over the lot of my crop. All Bid Bud.
    The blue pot on the far right is the oldest plant. It's 2 weeks old
    All the other plants are ~1 week old.

    Notice the big difference between the coloring and size. The oldest is small, but further developped and much darker in green. The leafs feel thicker.

    The other plants have very thin and large leafs that are all wrinkly


    (picture below)

    5 pots were filled with soil that was over fertilized
    5 seeds were planted
    4 seeds surfaced
    2 seeds grew enough to fully open the embryonic leafs
    1 seed grew to be the below plant

    It grew with NO PROBLEM AT ALL. highly resistant to pH. It's a strong strain worth saving. However, if you look at the below picture,

    - It is the smallest plant in diameter.
    - Has the darkest green color
    - It has developped golden color spots. They are actually shiny.

    What is going on?


    The below picture is one of my biggest plant at the moment. The leafs now started to curl upward and inward. The soil was generic indoor soil and I didnt add any nutriment. I dont overwater.

    This seems like maybe heat burn? the plants ARE close to the CFL's, but didnt have any problem until now. Some other seeds are starting to have the same problem.


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