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Golden Dragon with 1 Oz of AVB and 4Oz of 151

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by slimshadybaby, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. Saw a recipe that said like 7Oz of Vapor Dust or what ever u want to call it and 3.5 Oz of Bacardi 151..... So I said fuck it and put about an ounce of Avb and fulled it up with 151... About 20 minutes later it strained it and got an almost black liquid(even when held up to light). I must add that I vape until green is golden, I Don't like high temps that make it black.... But anyways will try tonight and update tomorrow. Any input or opinion is greatly appreciated
  2. sounds like your about to fly to space puttin an oz in an edible?
  3. Ive never really read into making it with alcohol but be prepared to get fucked up!
  4. Shit! thats a nasty taste. It almost taste like old coffee with no sugar.
    As far as the effect I was stupid last night, and most of this morning. I was vaporizing some mids, but I felt like I had been on exotic for hours.... Fun stuff. Got to go to a baby shower tomorrow so will be gone
  5. haha abv edibles are like the anti-vape-high
  6. Pretty sure you would have had better effects leaving it in there for about a month or maybe even a week. You sure it wasn't the 151 that kicked your ass there?
  7. you consumed that whole oz at once after it was strained? Your lucky you didn't pass out, but it sounds like you vape your bud very thoroughly because my tinctures with vaped herb come out a dark-brownish green color, never black or every truly brown.

    Next time look for 'master wu's green dragon recipe' or add the vaped duff to the bacardi and let it sit for a few weeks before drinking.

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