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Golden Bud?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by XJR20, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. Okay my memory is a little hazy. Note the Pun. Anway about 3-4 years ago I got around 17g of some weed that I swear was golden. It was the most beautiful bud I'd ever seen. Now I am not 100% saying it was golden but thats what i remember it as. But this is when I was not too much into what strain or what not I had so much grass back in the day. Anyway my question has anyone herd of some sweet mary jane with golden hairs or anything. I am not one of those people who know what they smoke. I just know if its dank or not. Tell you the truth I never have known what i have smoked. I think the dealer I got it from said it was kush or something. Ment nothing to me. I just want to know if its possible or i am just fucking high. And it tasted like sweetness and i got soo high.
  2. i'm afraid i dont have a strain name to give ya... but i can tell you this: it was some dank
  3. i once had some which you might be like what you are describing

    it was light brown, a bit like really bad brick weed, but it was sticky as hell and crystal all over. not quite one hit quit but close
  4. Golden Kush, perhaps even cali kush or orange kush. Kushs' have distinct colors to them and are a very dank high to say the least. Zips run around 450 where I live, and if youre lucky .8 for 20 bucks.

    But more than likely what you were smoking was Golden Kush, its actually a hybrid. A man who goes by the name of "Mr. Shadow" went about combining the Malawi Gold female and the Hindu Kush male. The Malawi Gold gives the strain that sweetness you described.
  5. I supposedly have golden kush right now. It is just like your description. Tastes pretty damn great. I got an oz of it for $325
  6. my buddy and i picked up 2.5 of gold lookin weed before at the rideau center before....we payed 20$ for it which is bad cuz usually its 3gs for 20$ around here, but the most amazing shit i saw was bright pink weed....the high wasnt super amazing but it looked different in a baggie

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