Gold Showers

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  1. Dont be coy, blades.

    We all have pissed on or been pissed on
    or at least fapped to a urine themed porn. Did you like it, ever do it again? Share here
  2. I have never pissed on or been pissed on and have never masturbated to a urine themed porn
  3. No but sometimes I accidently pee on my leg in the shower. That's as close to a golden shower as I'll ever cum.
  4. Tell me that pun was intended...

  5. Me?...well yes...and cum was purposely spelled wrong to add to the vibe
  6. O yea, i'm like a male cat. I just walk around and piss on EVERYTHING.
  7. have you ever cheesed?
  8. I remember one time my wife was sitting on my face and I was eaten her out she came and gushed all over my face I thought she pissed on me turn's out she's just a squirter.
  9. I liked that story. its helping me get there, more plz?
  10. You should make a thread about fumunda cheese next
  11. Well, I for one, have peed on someone, and been peed on. Females pissing is definitely hot, if only for the taboo nature of it. Had a girl request for me to pee in her ass while fucking her. It was really difficult, but I managed to squeeze out a stream or two.
  12. this is how porn corrupts minds, and why is stopped watching it almost 3 weeks ago.
  13. Yup tried it to see why some people enjoy it. I've pissed on a woman and been pissed on. It didn't excite me at all. I'll try pretty much anything once. I like to try things just to see if I may enjoy it. However, nope never jerked it to piss porn.
  14. I don't know if I should be impressed or disgusted.
  15. I'll wank it to pissing porn.
    It's weird shit, but when I feel like it x)
  16. What's sexually exciting about being covered in kidney juice?

    It's water soluble waste leaving the body... Not exactly erotic.
  17. I don't see the attraction, but it a hot chick wants to piss on me during sex, go for it, if she wants me to piss on her face or mouth, I'm game.
  18. [ame=]Dave Chappelle - Piss on You - YouTube[/ame]

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