gold rush... :)

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  1. how can anyone NOT like discovery channel???
  2. Because there are 2 kinds of people on this planet.

    Those who acknowledge the awesomeness of the Discovery Channel and those who choose to remain fools.

  3. i was thinking of that statement a few days ago

    'because there are 2 kinds of people on this planet'

    and i figured that it works for like anything

    because there are two kinds of people on this planet.

    those who take pulsating dicks in their ass, and those who dont :eek:

    but ya discovery is pretty awesome. i love learning about the planet (love nature, animals, interactions etc)
    i dont watch discovery much though. dont know why ...
    wuts this gold rush? like a week of gold shows?
  4. Gold rush is a new show where they go to alaska and dig for gold. it sounds boring as fuck rite now... but it'll change ur life
  5. Only two episodes left and they supposedly find gold this Friday, more funny how inadequate their skills are though. Respect for em for doing it though
  6. makes me want to do that now.... swaaaaaaaaayt found some gold!!!
  7. It is comical that a group of guys with no mining experience can find $200-300k to fund a mining expedition in Alaska.
  8. They apparently sold everything they own, including the Hofmann family airport. Close to ten guys throwing everything they have into it and they only made 250k? I'd start digging too.
  9. When the fuck are they going to get gold...?
  10. hahah ^ right? its so boring watching them fucking dig and find nothing, its like a drama show. "well we just sold all of our stuff, and dedicated our life to digging and we just found some of this here mud" lolll
  11. or people who refuse to pay for cable(that would be me)
  12. The're looking for the glory hole
  13. Aren't we all? :ey:
  14. greatest show ever i cant wait for the finally tomoro
  15. hate that show, destroy nature and kill bears while your at it
  16. Lol they only found 20-30k worth, shame shame
  17. I love Discovery channel. I hate this show.

    All of the guys seam like total ass holes.
  18. shows awesome, they go all out man,
  19. I like how big a tool the son is in the operation, He say's "Frickin" Wayyy too much..
  20. its funny though there gonna get so many dollars in the next season cause theve finally found some good dirt to run

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