Gold Member Avatar Trouble?

Discussion in 'Forum Tech Questions, Problems and Troubleshooting' started by DAVlD, May 22, 2013.

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  2. Gold members have a limit of 150px - 150px on new forums , not announced but you can use that size avatar now. Similar to gold all user groups limitations have been improved.
    There was a css limit that didn't display images bigger then 90x90 , i corrected that now.
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    @[member="Lizard King"] is there a certain way you have to upload the picture? it keeps shoving it down to 90x90 still..
    i've tried it by the address and uploading it from my computer..
    edit: okay now it will just make it down to 100x100.. can't seem to get it to upload to 150x150..
  4. I just tested for you and me and it seems to work correct for both of us.
  5. @[member="Lizard King"] okay maybe i'm doing something wrong or something lol
    or maybe i am misunderstanding you... is it suppose to be 150x150 like right here in this thread? like should my avatar be bigger than it is right now?
    on my profile like if you clicked on my name it is 150x150 (but says it is scaled down to 138x138 and i'm not sure why) but here on the forum it is only at 100x100
  6. I load a 150x150 pic, it shows up as 100x100 in posts...
    I get both david's and gnik's avi as that size as well in the above posts...
  7. it is on my internal to do list for next week.
  8. No worries, not a big me anyways...just confirming what david was saying...
    Whenever there's time, I'm sure you still have more pressing issues to deal with...:)
  9. I am actually thinking about creating a bug tracker for forum but have huge doubts if it will be used or not :)
  10. Probably not...people can't even be bothered to look 2 threads down to see someone else is having the same problem as they way they're gonna use a bug tracker...
    You're just gonna have to live with the old "I've got a problem, here's my thread, fix it for me..." that it's always been...

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