Gold label RooR & 9MM Platinum illadelph

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  1. What would both of these be priced at? Might pick them up, The guy has a fat collection said he's used the illadelph few times and the roor a bit more then a few.
  2. i know that gold label ashcatcher was about 100-150, 2 years ago, dunno what it is selling for now
  3. He could want anywhere up to 3 bills for the illy, personally wouldnt pay a dime more than 220-240, and IDK about gold label roor easily over a couple hundred dollars since it is 'rare'
  4. Those are absolutely beautiful pieces!
  5. That illadelph is sick i love that blue label
  6. I want that Crown label so bad. Definitely jump on that.
  7. Tell me how tall the illadelph is and I might send you a PM, but I'm not asking to buy it... yet.
  8. Its not cool to be advertising things your selling here, just to warn you :)
  9. Damn dude 450 is one hell of a deal for that roor,ashcatcher and slide.
  10. yeah to be honest those prices are quite fair, if you fancy those try and find a secure way to do the transaction :D
  11. im sorry iwas not aways i coul dnot advertive a peice on here i am sorry

  12. even if they are used?
  13. so thats a yes. lol

    Just try not to get this thread deleted.

    Your not supposed to be trying to sell us anything. So telling me you have more stuff for sale, isnt going to help you.
  14. For the money, id go out and buy something new.

    With 300 dollars you can get something stemless with a possible perculator, and trust me. once you go stemless youll never go back. Makes cleaning and changing water every morning a fuckin breeeeeze
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    Your dude at kulture, in Virginia or wherever the fuck you are, ripped you off. My 300 dollar setup rips smoother and actually has work, whats the roor or illadelph got.. Another label thats on 1000's of their other tubes? A overpriced beaker and straight tube? I could get that illadelph BRAND NEW FOR 160
  16. Hell I would pay that.

  17. Yeah I agree.

    All you are paying for is the letters





    I would still love to have my own personalized RooR though.
    I would pay to have my own name in it.

    Hell, Id be like "fuck it, scratch that fucking RooR label off, and just blast my name in its place"

  18. Well that is what some people want, I would get the RooR for the gold part. But still if you are selling it next month let me know.
  19. your ignorant. find either of these pieces for 250 or 450. it isnt possible. and to say his shits worthless.... you "stfu"

  20. haha. I can walk in my lhs and get that illadelph for ass cheap.

    I was just trash talking this guy because of how your not supposed to sell shit on grasscity, and of what hes saying. So what I did it before all the other GC bashers did it. I personally dont care.

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