Gold Hills Ganga 2013

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  1. What's up I'm Gold Hill, I decided I'd start a journal this year before the season got to far along. Some of you know me, but for those that don't I am a medical prob 215 compliant grower. I only grow for my self, I don't grow for money or anything like that, I grow to smoke it, eat it, vape it, dab it. NorCal repersent! I am a cheap SOB so I cobble together a lot of what I do, if its not on sale and I don't need it, I don't buy it. I started this season a while ago when I got my GDP clone and Girl Scout Cookies Orginal thin mint clones.
    image.jpg GSC
    image.jpg that was on 1-30-13 front left is GDP
    This is GDP today image.jpg
    This is the GSC today image.jpg
  2. Your also growing to trade buds with me and a fewother NorCal 215 patients:-D
  3. Wish I could play with the norcal kids, I gotta do it small here in my LA backyard
    may be joining you in a year or two tho, considering an east bay move :)
  4. Absolutely welcome RD, it wouldn't be a party with out you!
  5. Welcome to the party Richter! Hahaha Commando was a classic Arnold flick.
  6. Ur babies aint so small anymore :-D gsc and gdp in effect.... IMG_20130617_113327.jpg
  7. I'm in. Hard to keep track of everyone's individual gardens in the NorCal thread. Looks like it'll be a good show in here.
  8. rhey sure are getting tall soon they'll start to spread open I love this age of plant so productive.

    And also here is my sour strawberry by bog seeds, care of Richard Dean. image.jpg
  9. Subbed haha guess you listened to me lol
  10. Gotta give the people what they want ;-)
  11. Ok a little more about my grow, as you can see its literally in a wild berry patch on my land. I grow like a gureilla even tho I'm legal. I do this for a couple reasons, 1) I made a deal with my wife, as long she can't see it and visiter's can't see it I'm good. 2) it's safer that way no one coming to rip off a berry bush in the woods. 3) my plants are just another bush from the air. 4) Berrys are tasty.

    I am growing in ground each hole has 12 cu ft of super soil in it. The native ground is very hard mostly decomposed granite and clay. In my soil is kelp meal, alfalfa meal, fish meal, fish bone meal, bat guano, greensands, neem cake meal, Cocoa meal, feather meal, soft rock phosphate, chicken manure, cottonseed meal, suo po mag, rice hulls, pumice, earth worm castings, coco coir, peat moss, perlite seaweed extract, leonardite humid acid, dolomite lime, soybean meal, vermicompost, Dr Earth soil inoculant and extreme gardening mykos, Excelerite reminerializer and diaot. Earth. All the plants have a nice top dressing/mulch of chicken manure and worm castings.
  12. Love it!! Looks amazing Gold :)
  13. Thanks Mrs Ripped. Nice to see ya :)
  14. You enjoying the nuggetry still?
  15. Ya man I'm lovin it but I'm down to about a 1/4 and a almost outa hash :-( the horror! Lol
  16. Oh jeez yeah i feel ya if i didnt have my light dep that just finished i would be gettingscared and like 15 pouds of trim to hash out still
  17. HASH AAhhhhhAa into the universe!! (Singing that to the Flash Gordon theme song) I have a zip of last years outdoor tho so I should be ok until Canna-Claus comes to town again :p
  18. Lets get stoned. image.jpg
    The garden image.jpg
  19. Man those babies have come a long way. I feel like a auntie watching them grow up hahaha. You're doing a great job with them.

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