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    Hey everyone, so I am relatively new to the forums and no one really knows but I am a 4th generation Jeweler and in about a day or two i will begin work on a Gold Bowl for a bong. I will be making a silver one too! but just keep checking this out i will be updating very soon. Also would love for some ideas for the shape and style of the bowl and just some creative awesomeness from you guys! This is no way fake either! This is very real and it will be real 10k Gold and real 925 silver! I will post pictures when i finish them.

  2. sounds pretty cool, not something i think has been attempted. i wonder if there would be any health risks  from smoking from a gold bowl. are you going to try and sell this or is it for shits and giggles?
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    Gold by itself is already very pliable(as I'm sure you already know) I don't know how great an idea a solid gold bowl is...
    nvm, ignore me, I just remembered the bowl to my vape is made of gold
  4. Yeah solid gold might be a bit soft for a bowl are you gonna make it like the consistency of like harder, polished kinda like the 20$ gold coins?
    Are those still around?

    Anyway I bet it will be bad ass....don't let shiesters use it or they might steal that shit.

    Looking forward to pics!
  5. hey i jus got a marble with some gold in it but it gona b super hard..  i tried having a blower put in gold flakes in there but it jus burnt up too quick.. but if u can do it itll sell for 4k? i heard of marbles going for 2x that if they are in gold
  6. roor has done gilded silver and gold before but not pure.  Pure gold would be way to soft I imagine.  I have a chain with  pendant from my parents (chinese good luck charm) it is pure 24karat, the slightest pressure bends it.
  7. its just for shits and giggles, and i wouldnt think there would be health effects since it wont be flaking or anything like that. Technically its just a fancy and soft metal
  8. But the way im gonna do it will be a slightl thick gold plate and bend it into a cone shape. Solder it closed, make the stem so it can slide in and out of a downstem, file it down, polish it up, and add some intricate design or something. And im gonna use 10k so its harder than 24k much harder. Haha but its just something that will have to be taken care of to keep it from bending and warping. But health risks are of no issue, the metal wont melt or flake into the bong or herb so itll be fine.
  9. Ok so change in thoughts what do you guys think about making a cube and then putting a cylinder in the middle for the actual bowl?
  10. Make it a Diamond cut bowl
  11. Thats not a bad idea at all actually... thank you very much!
  12. ok so of these designs im thinking the old single cut. what do you guys think?[​IMG]
  13. Definitely either the Peruzzi, or the old european cut. Old single cut looks good enough if the others are too hard to make. Sounds great, looking forward to pictures!
  14. yeah i would make the peruzzi but to start i think im going to do the old single cut because its going to be hollow the first time i put it together, its going to be sheets so it will be hollow inside.
  15. Ah, I Got ya, your going to like solder the seams together?
  16. Yeah. Then later ill make a mold of it which when cast would be solid.
  17. Oh, so it is going to be solid gold? Wow, how much do you predict its going to cost?
  18. cool idea I want pics
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    they make gold/stone pipes but i think they mix the gold with like silver or nikal or something
    thr brand or w/e is called "celebration pipes" they make ones out of silver/nikal i think to but i think they mix the gold with another metal to make it better but im not sure
  20. Yeah thats layered gold. The bowl wasnt made solid with the pipe. It was soldered together. You would waster a lot of golf if you were doing it all completely together. But thats super sick! I just dont like how only the bowl is polished. But ill put up my drawings later tonight

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