Goku Vs Superman?

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  1. Who would win?

    I don't know that many superpeople could beat Goku. Perhaps a younger, un supersaiyan Goku.
  2. idk this is a good question goku's power pretty much has no limit but he has to power up and superman does not his power is already there so if superman didnt let goku power up i think he could get the better hand on goku as much as it hurts to say lol
  3. Goku. He can destroy a planet, but superman can bench press one, but superman has struggled against robots and what not. Goku always dies, comes back to life and spirit bombs. Goku wins.
  4. brolly will always win this fight!

  5. goku struggled with androids and robots before also
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  7. yes true but goku fucking destroyed them in the end and IS THE BEST, so logically goku would win from desirer and just brute force!:)
  8. Superman.

    I hate anime :p
  9. Goku would go ape n beat the shit outta superman. Then go bang lois cuz he got it like that.
  10. Some people call 'im Clark Kent I call 'im Superman mhm..
  11. Goku can always just instant transmission to Namek or some shit to power up if need be.

    There's no contest. Before any of the Saiyans could even go super-saiyan, they were blowing up planets left right and center. Goku has been able to beat everyone, living or dead.

    Goku doesn't have a weakness like Superman. No kryptonite is stopping him.
  12. Thats why I was thinking it may be fairer with an adolescent Goku.

    Like maybe right after the Dragonball era.

    Or maybe it should be Superman Vs Yamcha or something like that.

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