Going with Adderalls Again..

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by FreakTard, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Yeah, since I don't have a reliable dealer to get me anything good at the moment, I'm gonna be taking some Adderalls tonight.

    Last time I took 20 mg I believe, and I weigh 150 lbs. Is that not enough? Because I didn't feel that much. How much should I be taking?
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    I weigh as much as you do and I take 50mg if I wanna really be speeding. 20mg wont do much. wait till you can get more then have a blast
  3. Yeah, I was about to say 50-60mg
  4. Man i dunno 20 you might feel a slight something but you sure aren't going to sleep tonight
  5. Well 20 felt taking 2 oxycodones to me, without the body euphoria.

    I have like 100 mgs or so all together I think, so I can do whatever. I'll go ahead and hit up 50 mg.
  6. 60mg is good dose if your trying to get a speed buzz
  7. luckly i got a prescription of adderall 30mg xr :D i speed everyday

    the comdown is horrible though
  8. Ya the comedown is what makes wonder why I took them to begin with.
  9. Meh, I did 60 mg today and I still didn't feel that much. Just like a small body high and I talked a lot. But not anything that others say they experience.

    Is that a problem? Lol. This is my second time doing them, so yeah...
  10. coming down is a bitch because i dont eat and i feel like my stomach is gonna die lol
  11. Well coming down hasn't been too bad for me.

    Just the though process of saying, "DAMN! Its over already?! Its only been 5 hours."


  12. The best tonic is chronic : ]
  13. I dunno, I've never really had much of a comedown, but I never take big doses though, just enough to stay up all night usually, or get shit done, but I find a little benzo goes a long way, even if you're not trying to sleep.
  14. ya i wont do em again without a benzo at the ready

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