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Discussion in 'General' started by thekey2, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. So I've finally signed up for college , and I'm just taking the basic classes to get started off. Im at a community college and maybe planning too a university once i figure out WHAT THE HELL I'm going for. Im very interested in Astronomy, physics, biology, and chemistry fields (Most all science), and history, especially egyptian and other older cultures fascinate me. I want to go to college for one of those things, but I'm having a hard time which would be my smartest option. What you blades think? ad college advice for the old noobie :smoke:
  2. Lol going TOO college.
  3. ahahahahaha fuck it I'm stoned. idk why i post this shit on here. too impulsive :D

  4. Beat me too it;)
  5. I don't even know what i'm going to college for yet, it's hard deciding what you're going to do with your life hahaha. Is it just me or do most stoners find science/astrology interesting? more then people who don't smoke..
  6. not astrology but yah :p
  7. you can take all the classes you find interesting as electives to learn more about them and boost your GPA up. Just get the basics done and you'll figure out what you want to do no doubt.
  8. I'm starting community college in a month. The way I look at it, as long as I like what I'm majoring in somewhat, doing a few extra years in college will enable me to fulfill more dreams later in life.
  9. Do something where you know you will be able to get a secure job

  10. I think you should learn too spell "to" first.

  11. i think you should not give a fuck about grammar nazis

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