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Going to work high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ehngage, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. So I'm debating it, I've never done it before. I have been smoking pot for about a year, casually, although this last week, I've smoked every night. I just wanna try it once, but what are your suggestions/thoughts on it?
  2. As long as you're in control you should be fine. Put in some eye drops and no one should be able to tell.
  3. Yeah i'm in control, I might buy some eyedrops tomorrow, and then go to my sunday shift baked. Easiest shift =)
  4. i used to get high at work daily for a few years....never got busted. had a very good process.
    since ur just gonna smoke before u go in i assume, u have nothing to fear unless u cant handle ur shit...
    throw in a few drops and smoke out a bowl so u dont problem. so go for it. then when u want tips for smoking AT work...hit me up and ill tell u my techniques...
  5. Agreed, if you can handle your shit and stay in-control.
    You're good to go.

    Anyone asks, just say you had barely no sleep last night.
  6. how the fuck else do you handle a shitty job?

    I sure as hell can't go wasted
  7. Eh, it depends. I don't know if you said it, I briefly skimmed over the posts, but if it's a hands-on job that requires excessive force or a lot of work, don't smoke mids (which are usually Indica) beforehand, as you'll have couch lock and not wanna do anything. If it is a manual labor job like that, smoke Sativa if possible so you feel energized.

    And if it's a job that requires a lot of focused thinking, decision making, and people skills, it all depends on if you can function to that level when you're high. That's for you to decide.

    If it's neither of those, and just some shitty job that requries none of the above, I say fuck it and go there on 8 different substances to make it that much more fun. Just kidding, but in that case, really go stoned and don't worry about it.
  8. Haha I use to work baked out of my mind sometimes and I need to talk with people in my job lol
  9. I can go to work slightly lifted, but out and out baked is no good because I work in a high pressure situation where things need to be pretty much perfect every time. Plus I get where I don't want to make eye contact- something I have to do. As long as it's not somewhere where you need to be fully alert, go for it I say.
  10. This made me think I really need a job...
  11. Where I work in London, going to work high for me helps me...I get most things done and completed a few assignments before the due date, if I wasn't high I was get stress and panic..

  12. yeah where i worked at b4 was a rv i would drive around in a kawasaki mule alot through the day since it was a big park and it was needed to get from place to place with tools and such and for saving a shit load of time...i woud have to talk to 15 or more ppl a day usually and i would always be stoned.....ahahah. only a few times did ppl question me and i just said i was tired or sumthing.
  13. I've never went to work completely stoned. Today is the first day i'm going in to work actually fcked up. sally i'll take one massive rip before i leave and then i'm just a little high when i get there but today i smoked a full bowl like 5 min ago lol i work as a cashier in a store, i'm the only one in the store for the entire shift so i'm good to go, i could probably shoot up some Heroin and not get caught lmao 
  14. I think it is disrespectful to go to work high. Also, i feel thst work drags on, and burning out at work is the worst. No energy = not fun....
  15. Sometimes I get high at work; im my own boss

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  16. used to go baked all the time til i got a different job that required me to a bit more alert
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    I don't condone it. Your employer expects your full attention on the job, you should give them that - they're paying you aren't they? "It's a shitty job though!" So? Suck it up, you're getting paid to do it. Relax when you get home and light one up ;)
    Where are you getting that information? "Mids" are just mid-quality. That can be indica or sativa. I've had some amazing top-shelf indica, and some downright shitty sativa. I prefer indica myself, but it does tend to ground you - it's more of an "end of the day" thing.
    Point is, it doesn't matter if it's low, mid, or high - that has no bearing on whether or not it's indica or sativa. Maybe in your area and from your particular supplier you're getting a lot of mids that happen to be indicas, but that's just coincidence.
  18. Depends on the cook, I'm a dishwasher in a hotel that's only busy when large events are planned, so you know in going into every shift ripped. If I was a server I don't think I would, too many plates to carry and people that I would have to listen and talk to
  19. It's actually an issue with the other employees to work with this one other guy, because he doesn't smoke on the job.  Plus he's a fat hypocrite who tells me there is too much sugar in jelly (which I don't even use) so he can't eat PB&J because he's diabetic.  I see him in the morning with a large McDonald's cup and during the work day coming out of a gas station I'll see him carrying what I call a suicide bag.
    Because he has diabetes and probably spent $20 just now, inside.
  20. I never smoke before going to work. My job can be quite pressured and requires constant thinking, so I want to be in the best cognitive shape possible.

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