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    I regularly smoke at work & sometimes dab at work.
    I'm high enough that I forgot that I have already posted in this thread apparently.

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  2. i stopped bc it makes me a whiny lazy crybaby piece of shit all day.  more so.
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  3. I must say that I just saw this thread, after being high at work, and decided to register just to answer you bro. Lmao

    So yeah, I'm actually a gardener working for the city. All I do is water plants, do some weeding (pun intended), cut grass with a lawn mower or a grass trimmer etc. And I'm absolutely blazed everyday. Why?

    1) I love my job even when I'm not high! Gardening is my calling. Im out there with mother nature, taking care of her needs. What could be better guys?

    2) Doing what you love while high is like... paradise on earth. Most days I'm so damn happy, that I'm smiling at random citizens, making up chit-chat with old ladies who have nothing but time on their hands... while being absolutely blazed. LIke dudes. Your at work blazed, and what IS your work? Taking care of nature! So you're just standing there in the sunshine, smiling, blazed, maybe flirting with a cute girl... and you are still working. Like watering some roses, LOL

    Trust me guys... become gardeners.
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  4. It makes time drag, and the day seem longer.
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  5. I hated it the few times I tried it but that was back when I could only get my hands on indica... Now that I have my preferred sativas available I could see myself enjoying working stoned a lot more

    The indica crash is what made it terrible at work, nothing worse than taking a huge rip at the start of ur shift only to burn out 3 hours in lol
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  6. Lmao too real D
  7. I drive big trucks and forklifts at work, so I think I'd be terrified to be high at work haha.
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  8. I'd be terrified for you lol. I've done it a few times, makes me lazy not fun in a high paced environment.

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  9. I work at bass pro shops and during weeknight shifts when hardly anyone is in the store and I'm working by myself, I like to come in ripped. It helps me deal with the boring hours of just standing around and the monotonous tasks of restocking my department. It just makes everything a little more enjoyable which makes the time seem to go by.

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  10. I work at a cosmetic store and took a few tokes on my break before. Was my first time trying sour d, I didn't feel it until 10 minutes after going back to work. I was also fighting a cold... Needless to say I was struggling. I'm sure the clients knew what was up by the looks I was getting from them. Ended up having to tell my manager I was too sick to work and needed to go home. I felt very disrespectful. But somedays I wake up on the wrong side of the bed and smoke just a tiny bit an hour before I go in, it puts me in a better mood. Not something I can do every day though. It's all about moderation and the type of job you have

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  11. At my job there's a ton of downtime. Me and Co worker usually switch days of bringing in a few bowl packs or a J or two. We'll go outside smoke then come in and play ps2 on this old ass big screen in the break room. We work 3rds so yeah that's the key lol
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  12. I worked at Oporto as the dude who makes all the burgers when I was in high school. I was often high while at work, it made the hours pass by more enjoyably. My current night fill job also allows me to get high while at work, because the job is so easy it hardly even makes things harder and the boss really doesn't care anyway.
  13. What do you mean by "NEED" to smoke? What happens to you if you don't smoke for a day/week/month?
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  14. Had this problem before ^^. Definitely gotta stick to sativa strain if your gettin cooked at work/school otherwise indica will make you lazy ass

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  15. Could you imagine going to work high if you worked in a morgue or something of a similar nature where you had to deal with dead bodies? It would really fuck with your head lol...Don't know why I thought of that just wanted to say it.

    Anyways....I have only went to work a few times after hitting the herb (only one or two small tokes) back when I was a clerk in our shipping department. I don't think it would be very easy or smart for me to do that now because I am sometimes driving a forklift with a 30,000 pound load on it so I just wait until I get home and enjoy a few beers and a few hits from the good ole' pipe.:smoking-bong: :gc_rocks:
  16. I think it's perfectly acceptable if someone has enough experience with using cannabis, or a high tolerance.
    I've been using it for several years now, and it's come to the point that even if I'm feeling stoned, I can still conduct myself however I'd like. I feel no loss of control or skill; honestly most of the time I enjoy simple tasks (like watering, sweeping, that sort of thing) more, and due to this I seem to accomplish more.

    The only time that comes to mind where I didn't get as much done was one day getting baked on a stormy morning, and the sensations from the rain- most notably the visuals of water dripping down various surfaces in the greenhouse, and the sound on the roof- were so pleasurable that I just sort of stood in awe and enjoyed it! No customers at the time though.

    With all that said, if someone isn't as experienced and can't handle themselves as well, it's probably not the best idea. My first couple times as a teenager "accidentally" getting too high before work and going in stoned, I wasn't as mentally prepared to deal with. More or less I would just be nervous for the first hour or so that one of my coworkers (nice people but hardy any fellow cannabis users) would figure out that I was high haha!

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