Going to work high...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by linuxmann, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. With my MFLB I toke up at work in the bathroom :)

    I'm in fast food so it doesn't affect my work, I just forget people's orders sometimes :eek:
  2. I work at McDonald's. I went in stoned as hell last night and I loved it. Lucky for me, it was a slow night and all I had to do was hand out the food at the window. I had trouble remembering some orders, though. I'm glad they didn't have to cook anything. Or, did I? I can't remember. LOL.
  3. That's why you work at Donald's...

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  4. I'm a people greeter at Wal-Mart lol. I come in stoned as fuck every day. For the most part it helps my job! I'm so friendly and can look past the asshole customers with no problem. The only bad thing is when someone was getting arrested and I just burst out laughing.. Ha... Or shop with a cop day.. Anyway! Be smart about it is all! Like don't be a bus driver getting high before work. Be a photographer or factory worker or anything chill.
  5. I've never gone to work high but I went to school today fucking bloooowed. I had an exam that I needed to atleast make a 37% on it to pass so I was like alright I'm fine fuck it. The test was 45 questions (multiple choice) it took me 3 HOURS TO FINISH IT! There was literally a special ed kid who finished a simpler version of the test faster than me. But hey probably made the "highest" grade in the class *bu-dum tssss*

    ~Afghan kush is what I'm smoking on rn~
  6. I work as a dishwasher at a banquet hall. I've gone outside for a smoke break with a couple of my coworkers and they've smoked me down. I rarely show up already stoned. My job is pretty low risk except maybe for cutting yourself on a knife so I don't worry too much about fucking up. A coworker has fallen and broken about 7 coffee cups while high once but he is generally pretty clumsy so it wasn't that suspicious. 
  7. I work at a gas station and love sitting on mt phone all day baked. I also work at an RV park which is fun to get high and work there too. "I just wanna smoke weed, and mow lawns"
  8. Had many jobs , construction, warehouse, bar, factory, restaurants, farm... Currently in at McDonald's cuz its a small town and was only thing hiring atm, but yeah went for interview high, got job so first day in got blazed as Fuck and did completly fine. This way they will always expect my quality of work to be the same whether high as Fuck or not

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  9. worked at NYC's biggest little zoo, with some pretty cool animals but only got high before once Lol.
  10. I cut beef at a job I can perform my job really well but I do work with a knife around others the closes I been is 1 hour before punch in

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  11. If I showed up to work high I'm pretty sure I would face jail time.
  12. I work at a car dealership and my job is to move customer cars around the lot and take customers home and shit and I get high as shit before work, on lunch break, and right after. I'm able to perform my duties perfectly high and if I find it starts to make me lazy, I will refrain until I feel I can be responsible enough to smoke before work.
  13. I wprk in a restaurant so it gets really busy during my shifts, night shift. I always dab before work, as part of my getting ready routine.

    Especially on saturdays, ill walk in and the restaurant will be PACKED. Like I have to squeeze through customers to get in the door. Servers are asking me for change, managers are asking for notes on reservations, customers are getting ngry cuz they have to wait. It makes everuthing confusingly fun.

    Ill walk in and theres soo much chaos, everyones running around cause its hectic. ill just come in all smooth and high as fuck and it feels like I control the chaos. The customers get sat quicker, theyre less angry when I speak to them even if they have to wait. Everything just runs smoother when I show up BLASTED.

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  14. I work at Subway and get super baked before almost every shift ;P It's usually just me and my best friend (also a stoner) and sometimes we smoke a joint or two while on the job :smoking:
  15. 100% depends on the job.

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  16. I'm high at work every day. I work in a headshop.

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  17. I've gon to work blitzed a couple times. It makes my shift a lot less boring. But it tires me the fuck out.

  18. I'm a web and graphic designer and I toke sometimes with my vape pen before heading to work. It doesn't really affect me other than I feel less social until lunchtime or so when the effect has fully worn off. 
  19. I used to work high all the time, I unload trucks so it's pretty easy mentally but pretty tough physically. Sometimes I like smoking before work cause it makes it go by faster :)

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  20. I'm a greeter at BWW and I love going to work high. It helps me not get frustrated at customers and helps me enjoy it more

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