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  1. When I has to work on the weekends due to deadlines, I would because generally I would run into few to none of my co-workers. I would do a lot of data analysis for a market research company and helped me zone out and not mind being in the office on the weekend. This past week I found myself having a toke at lunch or before my half day.
  2. Did this for the first time a few days ago.....I work at a very stress/pressure ridden job and on this day I just decided to bring my dugout to work and take a few hits before work, on breaks, and lunch out in my car. The day most defiantly went by super fast and I got way more done than I normally do...the boss wasn't at work so I was able to relax more. If you're able to get away with it I say do it....get you a good sativa and you're set, gotta love the focus :)
  3. Totally agree!!!! That's kinda how I feel

  4. Pretty much. The few times I do it (always with sativa), I get such a boost in productivity and find it easier to give each task my full attention.
  5. For me its not the working situation, anyone could go to any job madd high and still function at a exceptional rate. It's what you're smoking that decides it all. A nice sativa dominant hybrid works nicely for most situations, but if you're toking on a heavy indica lets face it, you're fu*ked
  6. I used to work at McDonalds and was high all the time
  7. I don't think I could get away with going to work high.

    I work as TA at an university, all of my students would figure it out in 3 seconds if I was stoned. It would only take one uptight guy to report me.

    Then again, I have taught while massively hung over...
  8. I work at a very (very) busy grocery store in a rich retirement community. I'm always dealing with old ass customers who feel like they're entitled to everything. I don't get high before work because it's just a waste of a high.
  9. But sadly drinking is accepted while cannabis is not.
  10. I have to call people at work and tend to stutter when I leave voicemails if I'm high. So that ending going to work high real fast.
  11. I did it sometimes when I worked at a grocery store when I was a teenager and while I worked as a cook. I did well stoned or sober, so I never had any problem with it. Every other job I've worked was either manual labor, something I could hurt myself doing or something I could hurt someone else doing, so I never smoked before work then.

    Honestly, getting high at work isn't that great anyway, work is too much of a buzzkill :p
  12. I work at Taco Bell. It almost feels like an accomplishment going to work there high. lmao
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    I used to when I worked at these two survey places haha
    One was a phone thing, so it was boring as hell, like just sitting there repeating the same script about a hundred or so times a day, so I always smoked up before work and at break to make it somewhat bearable.

    The other place was one of those places in the mall where you pay people like 3 bucks to take a survey about an unreleased movie trailer. I worked there with one of my best friends and we always got fried before work, and the job gave you too much freedom (since you had to wander the mall to recruit people), so we were constantly slacking off, smoking weed, cigarettes, and sometimes even drinking with these two older guys who worked with us (we were like 17 lol). Most ridiculous job I've ever had, it was weed money and almost nothing else haha we only worked saturdays

    But now I work at Target and I started while I was on probation, so they only know the sober me and Im too afraid they might notice something (target drug tests you) and have me tested or something, so I don't even bother. Also it's a very on your feet physical job so I'd work my high off in an hour anyways, I did go high once but it was just kind of a buzzkill for my high and my day, usually I almost enjoy work, but that day I was tired and lazy and just wanted to go home. I save weed for after work when I can truly enjoy it

  14. AI AI BROTHER, same shit. I have to take many bong rips to dumb myself down to survive my mindless job as a bagboy/cartboy

  15. acceptable haha

    back when i was like 19 i was a pizza boy at a small lil pizza shop by our high school, 2 of my dealers worked with me and my bestfriend worked with me at the time too but no joke, all we did was smoke weed inbetween deliveries, on deliveries and before work. it was pretty tight.

    and right now i work as a cnc machinist, i work night shift 60+ hrs a week, and theres only 6 people on 2nd shift and im kinda secluded by 2 hugh garage doors, so now i smoke at work once all 1st shift left i just open up the garage door n blow my smoke out, otherwise if its too bad of weather i just blow it in the machine, the coolant covers the smell up completely.

    ive never had any problems functioning at either jobs... so in my opinion its accepted.

    i guess its just dependant on what your career is?
  16. I'm a tennis coach and work occasionally at a grocery store doing cash and stock.

    I can coach totally normally while high, just have to cover up being high because I'm coaching kids. Same kind of thing at the store I have been at work high there so many times definitely makes it more fun especially talking to people
  17. I smoke before I leave for work. Have about a 35-45 minute commute so by the time I clock in i'm coming down. Weed come down is by far the greatest and puts me in a better mood to deal with all the piece of shit individuals within my company.
  18. Cnc machining? I'm getting a job at a smallish machine shop but never considered getting high before it. I feel I wouldn't stand AutoCAD if I did lol
  19. i fix air conditioners. the last thing i want to do is get really stoned while up on a roof. but fuck, being stoned in an attic is awesome. except all i really want to do is lay down and take a nap so i usually dont do it often when im at work.
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    It seems like it all depends on your job and how seriously you take. For myself i know i can smoke and go in sometimes but it's best if i don't. When i worked at a deli though, me and another deli worker would go burn down his car before work or on our breaks. Plus i think the fact that i was getting a ton of free food for all my high's was kind of swaying. Also some jobs are just manageable high

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