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  1. I've shown up to work high many times at various different places of employment. A lot of them have been customer service type positions. Lately, I have been putting myself through a self-examination of sorts. I'm starting to feel guilty about going in to work high. It isn't that I can't perform my work duties to satisfaction, but I feel it is sort of disrespectful to my employer. As smokers, we tend to accept it a little too much, I think.

    I thought about it this way: I would NEVER show up to work drunk. Now, I know the effects of weed are not as inebriating as alcohol, but there are some noticable effects, even though I feel I can conduct myself pretty well while high.

    Anyway, I've decided to put an end to it. No more smoking before work. (by this I mean within an hour before work)

    So what you all think? High before work... Perfectly acceptable or irresponsible?

    (I don't mean jobs where being high doesn't matter... I was a night janitor once and didn't even give it a thought!)
  2. i am the cart boy at a local store and i am high at work all the time
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  3. [quote name='linuxmann']Perfectly acceptable or irresponsible?QUOTE]

    i'm going through the exact same thing as you. i used to smoke in the morning (traffic aaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!) but now i'm trying to limit myself only to lunch then eventually to not smoking at all during office hours.

    too many people rely on my work for me to screw it up being all stoned. boy this sucks but i'm sure i'll get over it.

    so whats your plan brother? gonna take the high road and quit or take the HIGH road and smoke it up?

    if your the linux man......when is linus going to replace windows for the love of god?

  4. I think its acceptable as long as your job dosen't affect someones life to a large degree. Ex: nurses and docters should smoke the reefer at work.
  5. ^^^I'm with him^^^

    So long as your job isn't crucial, or working with anything that could cause harm to someone else, then I don't see a problem with it. I've gone to ALL my jobs stoned... I go to the interview high, my first day high, and every day thereafter. This way when you walk in high as a kite they're like "that's just how he always is" instead of "oh... he's a bit different today... wonder if he's wasted."

    It has never failed me, and I don't feel bad about it... I am usually one of the top employees wherever I may be working, whether I'm completely wasted or not. It's all about controlling your high and adapting it to fit your environment.
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  6. i work as a busboy in a restaurant where almost everybody smokes and i go in high all the time. i regret it when its busy though, because i have the whole restaurant to take care of including the bar, and im by myself on most days. on friday though i go in blazed all the time cuz i work with one other kid so its so much easier plus there is usually some type of music that comes in later in the night for entertaining the drunk people at the bar.

    my only real problem about getting stoned before work is that i dont enjoy my high as much becasue i am working, and i feel like i am wasting bud.
  7. See... Now I'm just the opposite. Being high at work helps me enjoy what I'm doing more, and that helps me enjoy my high. It's also fun 'cause it's one of those "haha... I'm wasted and you're not" kinda deals, lol. I dunno. I have fun when I'm being productive and wasted at the same time... But hey, everyone's different :D
  8. yeah but im slower when im stoned, and i cant work at my own pace because there are people waiting to be seated, waitresses waiting for their tabels to get cleaned so they can get seated, and the bar needs me to take care of the glasses. running around doing shit for everyone else isnt so fun when your stoned >.< sometimes i dont give a fuck though and im just like la ti da cleaning a table. usually by the time its busy im not toos toned anyway
  9. i used to go to work high alot, but ive cut back on it, because i dunno why actually. i still do it but i dont like to so much just because, 1- it makes time go a little slower, oppositie of it...makes it fun..2- its too hectic. i work at a grocery store so its always so loud and i see a new customer every 3-4 minutes , so it can get aggrivating sometimes, because i just wanna sit and chill ya know.
  10. Yeah... I know what ya'll are sayin... I've had so many jobs though that I guess I've just gotten used to it or somethin' :D

    Cashiering stoned is definately not the funnest thing to do... Which is why I'm now a cart pusher at Wal-Mart :D

    EDIT: My funnest job to go to blitzed was a data entry job. I just got to sit there, be wasted, pop on the head-phones, and before I knew it it was time to go home :)
  11. i'm a drafter....a sober one at that. we're about to draw the tallest building in vegas. i think its around 65 stories....800+ feet. this should get interesting....

    i just wanted to post this because i'm about to go smoke. lata yall. back in a gif
  12. wait.................................................waaaaaaiiiiiiiiit........................................ok

    i'm high. what up on this beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuuuutiful afternoon.
  13. Im a canadian tire wharehouse guy and i go to work high a lot. But the only times that i really have to deal with people shoping there are when im doing a carry out and on a normal day only see the boss for like 5 mins :D
  14. Well I'm gettin a little older, a little more mature (damn, it hurts to say that) so I'm NOT gonna go in high anymore. BTW, I work at a bank, so I guess I'm gonna show my employer a little respect and be sober for them. (days are gonna be boring now, though.)

    As for MS Windows being replaced, it isn't too far off. Open source operating systems are growing at a rapid rate, in the corporate word especially. More and more servers are running some sort of unix variant. As a llinux buff and computer nut in generall, it think its f#$@ing awesome!

    "Have you downloaded your Windows security patches today?"
  15. P.S.

    Anyone else sitting in front of a computer right now that IS NOT running MS Windows? Just curious.

    Myself: Crux 2.0 (linux) custom kernel 2.6.6 (come on now, I can't be the only computer geek here, lol)
  16. Haha Cotton, I do the same thing. I even hand out resumes high! Job hunting for me is grabing a gram or two and walking around town going into random shops looking for any job that pays minumum wage.

    Im running XP linuxmann, but I dont like it :(
  17. [quote name='
    Im running XP linuxmann, but I dont like it :([/QUOTE']

    anarkin, if you're interested in trying something new, check out SUSE linux. It's really easy to transition to from xp, and can do pretty much everything that you can do in xp. And no worms or spyware ever again!

    http://www.linuxiso.org, then find SUSE. the 9.0 download is really nice and run MUCH faster than xp. On a decent higher end computer it is blazing fast.
  18. thanks Linuxman, unfortanatly i can't do it immidiatly but ill save the link and try when I have time :)
  19. I hear ya, it's a lot of work to back-up all your stuff and all that. When you're ready, I'd be happy to walk you through it all.
  20. Cool shit. Ill prolly just go get some cds on the weekend and start backing all my important shit up on Monday ill PM you if I run into problems

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