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Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by whitekush, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. i wanted to make some QWISO from like.. 4gs of bud.

    is my shopping list right:

    mason jar
    ISO alcohol
    some sort of dish
    razor + scraperholder
    and.. i need something to strain but what :S
  2. Just get a mesh strainer, they will have one there in the kitchen gadgets section.
  3. honestly might as well save your money and save your bud youll get about 7 % back which is about .3 which isnt much
  4. I agree with the thegreenmonster...unless you're swimming in bud...it's not worth it. Unless you grow and you're using the trimmings. But to buy bud to make into hash...no way I'd do it.
  5. make sure you use 91% ISO. and a coffee filter worked for me. also make sure the dish is flat on the bottom or it will be a pain in the ass to scrape. mason jar isnt required. anything big with a wide mouth that closes without water escaping will work. i say this because i dont think walmart sells mason jars.
  6. walmart does sell Ball jars which are like mason jars.

    Get a reusable coffee filter! dont fuck around with the white or bleachd filters.

    And, hash IS worth it if thats what you want. This guy might not get a lot, but if he'd rather have hash thats on him

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