Going to Walmart ? What game should I buy ?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Cudi, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. I have about 70 dollars only want to spend 45 or 50 cuz i need a 3 month subscription.

    Well any ideas ? I love sport games, Im considering buying Madden 11, That would be on

    top of my list. Grand theft Auto 4, cuz i mean... its like dope... Anyway I havent got reach

    yet, but i do have Halo 3.

    Also, How are used games at gamestop ?
  2. If th gamestop is next door to the walmart buy there. The games were stolen from the walmart and sold at gamestop. Very common in US.
  3. I'd say Reach, but I'm biased against both GTA and sports games. I don't like Rockstar control mechanics and I really see no point in sports video games.

    Gamestop used games are a great deal at times. I think I got WaW for $12 and Red Dead Redemption for $25 online. Some of them aren't in great shape but discs usually either work or they don't, and they tend to be good about replacing ones if they don't work. You'll have to avoid them with most recent EA games, especially Madden. They'll force you to pay fees to play online if their online code has been used.
  4. Halo reach, Dead rising 2.
    DR2 rocks :D
  5. starcraft 2
    halo reach
    heroes of newerth
  6. i would get something newer and used from gamestop definitely

    maybe for 50 you can find something good there

    i know you can get atleast a couple older games used(think about that too they got some great stuff for 15-20 thats older)
  7. I didn't really like gta 4 I thought it got really boring after a little while. But you should get borderlands Its wicked fun especially when you play online. Out of all my games I think borderlands is one that will never get old
  8. get halo1, halo2 and halo3...do NOT buy reach, ever

    I would think you would be happy just playing halo3 online :)
  9. You should get Medal Of Honor when it releases tonight at midnight. Looks like it will be a fucking sweet ass game.
  10. Fallout 3 will give you many many hours of gameplay.

    Halo Wars is pretty legit if they have it

    Halo Reach is the bee's knee's if you can afford it

    but above all

    BATTLEFIELD BAD COMPANY 2 is the best game to play online ever period!!!!!!!!!

    So fun :wave:

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