Going To Try Concentrate, What Do I Need?

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  1. Hi guys, I'm going to try concentrate for the first time this weekend.  I'm super stoked.  I'm just not sure what I need.
    I'm going to be using my small mothership fabegg or 7/13 toro micro (both have 14mm female joints). 
    I've seen skillets, dome with nail (glass or ti), honey bucket (quartz or ti), an illadelph hot hit slide and wand.
    Which is easiest/best, can anyone compare these for me?  I would LOVE a honey bucket just cause it matches, seems easy, and I'm afraid of heating up a nail in the mothership egg.   It's just the "downstem" is so close to the main body of the egg, the bucket is nice cause the arm swings away so it's away from the tube when heating.  But my lhs is out of them and they need to call around to see if they can get one.
    I'm really interested in illadelpha hot hit slide and wand, seems really easy.
    Anywho, any advice would be welcome.  I can get skillets and dome and nails at my lhs, the illadelph slide I'd have to order.  I think my order of preference would be
    Honey Bucket, Illadelpha, nail and dome, skillet.  But again, I don't know ish about this stuff.
    Thanks for helping out a noob.

  2. hey bro honstly if u have the honey bucket use that.. i use a curve on my fab but id rather have a bucket it was made for the piece. im sure it wont affect the stem wat so wever.. all u need is a torch , a dabber n some nice BHO.. n ull love it id say use the fab egg 100% nothin compared to it in terms of other glass for function n smoothness n jus classiness
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    Thanks man and guess what....the guy at my lhs drove to one of their other shops last night to pick up a honey bucket for me (with the ti swing arm)...YAY.  He's holding it for me so I'll pick it up after work.  I LOVE my lhs.  I saw a real sick honey bucket on nuggetry.  I think it went for about 600
    Going to also pick up a vector, some butane (how long does a can last?), a dabber (is glass or ti better?, if the glass tastes better, I'd get that but if difference is minimal I'd get the ti for the durability.  Might be real tempted by a torus....I need professional help for my addiction.  I'm going to be the first homeless guy with 5k in glass in my cardboard home.
    Do you prefer the curve over dome and nail setup?
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    um dome /curve jus depends on which rig im using u no.. my toros i like the dome on it but my mothership im goin to grb the bucket in a day or so so i jus use a curve..n it realy jus depends jus get one u like really bro it all ur prefrece.. i have heard ppl like to use the ti dabbers jus cuz there wont b any oil left on the tip,, most other dabbers oil will stay on the tip or melt n go up.. n thats a sickk pot bro n a hit to half the price of the mothership but truly one of akind super jelly.. also get ur self a towel n place it under where u dab n get a paper towel n wipe off all the excess drippings of ur dabber so they dont fall on ur desk,, hahah yea bro im in the same pot but the egg is basicly there sickest piece atm u shud wait till the other artists make there own cyclers.. theres torus n klien n another one too,, n 1 can of tane lasts a weekish for me? but take a huge dabb for me out of tha egg n bucket once u get it ..ballin shit jus tha alone lol...
    sickest as in there prodo pieces .. but there non prodo r jus out of this world .. honstly if u have paper to play with save it n jus get one of there worked one fo a kind pieces bro
  5. you need a small 2 hole down stem 14mm Di bubbler as your 'oil rig' This should come with a female dome, but if it does not youll need a 14mm dome.
    then you need a "Nail" this nail needs to be specificly designed for concetrates. Either Glass, quarts, or Ti. Make sure its 14mm as well
    Now you need a small glass 'dabber' which is just a small glass rod used for dropping the concetrates on the hot nail
    Then you need eiether a butane or propane torch, you can get butane torches at bed bath and beyond for 30$ or you can go to walmart and get a propane torch for about 15$ (Doesnt work as good as butane torch tho)
    your also gonna want something to store the concetrates in, either a glass dish, an oil slick ball, or parchment paper would do the trick.
    Im sure ive missed something but thats pretty much basic start up.
    On the low end you could be spending any where from 100-150 on a complete start up cost or if you want a more 'heady' set up just spend more money!
  6. yep this guy jus said it excellent to other than he has his rigs..
  7. oh no, that's not my pot....I wish.  It's just one that was on nuggetry for sale.  I'm getting a plain one.  It'd be ridiculous if mothership could make a fab egg with that shade of brown for the floating downstem and then have the rest be slyme, along with that pot, would be killer.
    Based on your suggestions I'm going with:
    plain ole honey bucket with ti swing, vector torch, 2 bottles butane, ti dabber, conc dish
    And I'm bitchin about wantin a torus at 1.5k and your suggestion is a worked mothership...man, I wish I did have 5-7k just to play with.
    I'm definately throwing up a pic tonight when I grab that bucket.
  8. hah yea got ya .. there is a brown worked one fumed it lik 6-7k i think but yea do it upp post a pic of that baby ima get my qaurtz one in a few days hopefully..i gota wait for the fab egg but i got a down on it so they cant sell it even tho it jus jumped couple bills too glad lol
  9. Mothership is setting the price on their pieces this time around.  The first time vendors set their own price, some below what mothership suggested and some above.  I don't really like the idea that they get to set their prices, I mean, headshops own their own business, they buy wholesale from supplier and should be allowed to set their own price but I'm sure most headshops are going to comply in order to continue doing biz with them.
    I got my small egg at 1250, the retail was 1300.  Mothership said it should be 1500 (I think) so I think you're going to see most eggs at that price from here on out.  Same with the torus.
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    Dude, my pockets are about 500 lighter but got the
    1.honey bucket (Ti)
    2.Vector Torch
    3.Silicone concentrate dish/jar (guy said the glass ones are cool for art, but titanium dabber will scratch it, said the silicone was just plain easier.
    4.Ti Dabber (santa cruz shredder) - got this cause it has the ball on one side and an opening (kind of like a one hitter) on the other for crumbly           concentrate
    5. extra can butane
    6.santa cruz shredder dabber stand (I don't know what these are called) but it keeps the dabber from just being on the table and getting stuff all sticky
    7. Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder...cause I just wanted one, heard they were the best....we shall see
    8. Slice of Pecan pie....I got hungry looking at this stuff.
    The guy who went and picked up the honey bucket for me said he specifically picked out the Ti one for me.  Said he felt using a ti dabber with the ti "nail" was best due to heat retention/heat transfer.  Also told me that when you heat quartz you release silica dioxide which is bad for your lungs, can cause silicosis.  (well, he didn't say silicosis...I looked it up).  Told me that when you heat Ti you get titanium oxide which is found in sunscreen, food, pills etc so it's safe.  I wiki'd this stuff, seems like it might be legit.  Other people say heating Ti and getting titanium oxide is bad for you too but I think in the absence of a chemist or medical practitioner I'll go with wiki over stoner talk.
  11. hey regarding if ti or quarts will do nything to u prolly not bro most these guys mke qaurtz honey buckets, many artists still giv qaURTZ nails with ther pieces ,, my headshop guy try tellin me samething i asked a blower he said it not tru  n the ti oxidizing n shit i dont think is even close to mayb after couple years but they always say a good piece of ti wil llast longer than ur rig. n wen u dab ur only havin contact with dabber n nail for second or 2 max nothin bad can happen .. but sickk have u took ur first dab? n yea that all u need bro n that good glad ur on your way ..  n yea i agree they shud set prices n have to follow em .. high priority is sellin em 18..lik 15 is understandable but what some ppl charge is wreckless. but mothership needs to do that.. it lik getting burberry or something to come to ur store.. they wont come unless they get atleast a quarter million in inventory n have half the store for burberry only. these guys shud b same thing except prices shouldn't vary so much 
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    Sorry, ignore.. Posted in wrong thread.
  13. My concern is that the guys making these ti and quartz are simply not medical professionals or material chemists.  If pot were legal than these things would all be tested and we'd have a better idea of the health risks.
    What needs to be done is heating the ti or quartz in an enclosed environment and then using mass spect to see what is in the air.  Honestly it'd be quite easy for any lab with acess to a mass spec.  It be nice to have info on what elevated temps are doing to these materials, how much (if any) ti-oxide or silicon-oxide is released at specific temps, just to know the health risks associated with each.
    Without the proper testing, everybody (my lhs guy, your lhs guy, the blowers, and machinists) are all kind of just guessing.

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