going to try acid... advice?

Discussion in 'General' started by SgtPepper, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. i can get acid pretty cheap from some guy. he told me that one block (apparently its like a sugarcube w/ liquid in it) will cost me 3 bucks. he also told me that the high lasts 1h30, although i know it can last up to 12 hrs. any advice on doing this drug? ive never done anything besides bud, and i really want to know what it is like. it kind of scares me. does anyone have any advice, on preparation, on what its like, etc?
  2. somebody else posted a wierd acid question recently, something about a acid pill or something.......

    dude i dont think its real acid, i dunno if u can even do that with acid, but maybe u can who knows, but i do know if its only 3 dollars then its not real, and if by some off chance it IS real, then you are getting the best deals in this country
  3. Goto www.erowid.org

    I thought acid came as paper tabs, or liquid drops. I dont know can u post a pic of wat you got

  4. 5 bucks is the average price of a hit I'm pretty sure. So it's not that amazing of a price.
  5. People often put liquid on sugar cubes I ve had it like that,as for doing it, b in a comfortable place and try and have a friend w/ ya if its ur first time.... Good Luck Man
  6. yeah, this is true... i dont really know. he knows very well i know nothing about acid, so he could easily rip me off, plus we barely know eachother... ill have to look into it
  7. It's hard to find good acid anymore. The 1.5 hours is a little short.It was more like 5-8 hours the 100's of times I've done it. I don't think it's real if it only lasts 90 minutes.

    Kranko gave you good advice. Be sure to have a good friend with you, one that won't bail on you. 1st time for sure. Acid is no fun by yourself even if it's your 100th time.

  8. really? well around here, or at least everybody who ive known who had it was around 10-15
  9. fuk it 4 6 dollars u can get spun and have a little mind reset, it he fuks ya, Screw it its 6 dollars, or go find him and take ur 6 bucks back...
  10. and yaa it lasts4 like 12 hrs although ive had gelltabs that only lasted like 8 hrs and 3 bucks is a good single price
  11. haha i gurantee u that the dude is selling lsa. lsa is an easily extracted chemical found in morning glory seeds. it is a physcdelic, but it isnt as strong as actual lsd. a hit of acid is usually 10-15$ where i live. 3 bucks for a hit of lsa might be worth a try. maybe if u bought like 5 of those u would trip out pretty good

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