Going to this homeless park to help them

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  1. So I picked up a quarter oz of regs and rolled 15 nice sized joints. I'm going to take these along with sandwitches to this park that has alot of homeless people and hand these out to them. I know what it's like being in that situation and I always appreciated any small things people would do for me. So this is my way of giving back.:)

  2. Thats a pretty cool thing to do man, their probably going to be pretty down so someone coming along with herb and food should uplift there day.
  3. good effort buddy if only more people felt the same!
  4. you should bring some capri-suns too. the little cheap juices.
    im sure they will be thirsty.

    +rep for helping out some people
  5. Oh forgot to add I'm bring a 24 pack of store brand soda
  6. you should give them each a hit of crack and a 40 oz instead i think they would like that more
  7. not all homeless people are homeless because they are crackheads and alcoholics, thats just a small portion
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    It would be cool to pee on them first but its up to you...they wont really know anyway, so might as well.
  9. That's a brilliant idea. If I had the money and the commitment it sounds like something I'd like to do. Good luck, man! :D
  10. GL man. I'm sure they appreciate it.
  11. Nice! This is one of those things that will really help you out oneday the laws of karma are on your side.
  12. OP, you are the man. I tried to +rep you but I've given out too much today :(. I'll hit you back though, dont worry.

    My GF and I did something similar in Houston once. We were there for the day celebrating our 1yr anniversary (went to the mall, did all that stuff), but we were surprised by all the homeless people. So we went to a store and bought like $30 worth of food and water, and then went around handing the food out to them. I can without a doubt say it was one of the most rewarding things we've ever done. Never have the words 'thank you' meant so much to me in my entire life. To us we spent some money and took a couple hours of our time - but to them we made their entire day.

    Post back afterwards man, I'm anxious to see if you feel the same way we did afterwards!
  13. So I did it, most of them appreciated the bud. Some of them said they knew someone who would buy the j off of them, so whateva helps them. But yeah they were all pretty hungry as they ate my sandwitches up real quick. All in all it was an amazing experience. I smoked and kicked it with em for like 10 mins and left.

  14. Glad to hear it man!
  15. I'm kind of homeless js.
  16. how do you add rep? This was a very cool thing to do.
  17. +rep good sir. It's a refreshing change to see someone who's willing to help the unfortunate.
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  19. Excellent, That was a very nice thing to do. I'll bet they were surprised and at least a few of them realize there is still hope in the world. Great job!:wave::smoking:

  20. The Majority Are.

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