Going to the zoo sunday and getting high, which animals would you look at

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by Sc0pe, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. and what else would you do
    im probably gonna check out the nocturnal exhibit first and then the reptiles
    apparently i can also feed some giraffes for a few bucks

  2. You should definitely feed the giraffes, that sounds like fun.

    If they have otters, check them out. Otters are great.
  3. ^^ otters are always entertaining to watch. I would go to the ocean area or w.e its called and watch some trippy ass jellyfish or something

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  4. I love jellyfish. They're so cool to watch.

    I know it sound strange, but I think they're cute.

    Beautiful weird alien squishes.

    I want to have a tank of moon jellies as pets when I can afford it (you have to keep the water cold and salinated and stuff)
  5. If it's not too big of a zoo you could just tour the whole place and stop periodically lol...go wit tha flow, ya know? I really like orangutans tho...they always look happy lol
  6. This is a badass idea i need to do this one day.
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    There was a 420 earth day concert at a zoo once abd me and some friends went there abd smoked a bunch of jays around the zoo in front of the animals... like right in front of the birds of prey and the penguins and shit. It was awesome lol

    The animals were like..... we know what your doing
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  8. Monkeys for sure
  9. id just wander around all day but i love animals. check out the big cats and primates at your peak though. 
  10. I cant remember if this zoo has otters but watching them swim is sure to be good
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    Dude u made me wanna go to the zoo sooo badly. I'm deffinitely doing the sometime soon. Happens to be I am a huge aquarium guy myself

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  12. i have a list of shit to do high, this was one of them, i dont see why not many other people seem to have done it
  13. Tropical aviary would be my vote, especially if you can walk through it.  Lots of cool exotic colors...
  14. Look at mirror cause you a jackass. lol kidding. I like the snake and reptile exhibits
  15. Zebras.
  16. i wish i went but friends had to cancel so going in 2 weeks
    great idea, i dont know if this zoo had one but i think there was something about a butterfly house
  17. It's gotta be pandas.
  18. The Zoo is fun! Every year we took a School trip there......check out the Gorillas
  19. Hands down, the monkeys.
  20. Tigers and pandas! And this is a genius idea

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