Going to the strip club high

Discussion in 'General' started by LovingTree, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. How is it? I have never gone to a strip club before either... i'm going with my buddies next month.

    What's the experience like? Do you recommend getting high and going?
  2. I personally wouldn't enjoy it being high. You gotta be drunk, if I went to a strip club high I'd see the desperate sadness in the strippers as well as the customers eyes and it would just be a huge buzz kill.

    Have some beers and shots beforehand, you'll have a blast.
  3. I concur. You need to be drunk

  4. Great point... I too am very like this. It's weird how weed makes us feel like that.

    Idk. I've never been drunk, i'm not 21. I don't find alcohol appealing either in my body.

    Weed might excite me/pump me up for going, I hoped.
  5. I went high the first and only time. Lets say it was a crazy experience because you see stuff like that in movies, but it's totally different seeing it with your own eyes? haha, but one of the strippers said I reeked and looked completely stoned. I'm not into that whole tease stuff, but it was a cool experience I guess.
  6. I just recently went to one in charlotte. Me and my boys smoked sum bud and drank some jager before we went in. And im not gonna lie its fuckin cool, and if your under 21 they make you wear this bright ass tee shirt. The one i went to they made us wear bright yellow tee shirts that said on the back"On the brink ,but to young to drink" haha. But when the strippers see that your young they eat that shit up. They think your dumb and gonna throw all ya money to em. It was 30 dollars at the door(cause it was our first time being there) but now since we got the tee its only 10 dollars at the door. O and its pretty boring going in there without money, you might as well bring 50 dollars in ones. I mean i didnt have shit an just got to watch, but to get lap dances and shit bring the money. Also to me it was kinda sad at the same time, watching women degrade themselves to make money for there kids n shit. There was two sisters at the one i went to and while the oldest one was on stage the younger was like "can you belive shes 7 months pregnant?" we were like "wtf????" , i dunno. Cool cause the titties but uncool about the whole degrading themselves part. Sorry for the rant. lol
  7. reminds me of the thread a long time ago where some dude went to a strip club on mushrooms lol.
  8. Heres a tip. Try to get them drunk. They do extra stuff

  9. Listen to the man. He speaks the truth.

  10. This guy knows what's up.
  11. Alcohol enhances the experience, for me, marijuana taps me into the mood and vibe of places and people. Plus alcohol makes you forget you're paying for a tease.

    Don't show weakness, dem' women suck you dry brother.

  12. Penis.

    It's a strip club :rolleyes:
  13. Yes, we know you love penis.
  14. Yes yes, it's true.
  15. Some strippers have the best connects. I used to hit up all black strip clubs all the time and get ripped before hand.This one fine ass yellow bone was dancing on me and smelled the weed. She asked about it and I showed her one of my buds thinking maybe she wanted some in exchange for a dance or something. She smelled it and told me she bet she knew who I got it from. Turned out her baby daddy was my dealer's supplier.LOL. She also let me in on the fact dude was raping people on the prices and fucking with the scale someway to make it off. She gave me her number and told me to call her if I wanted to get her baby daddy's prices.

    She wasnt bullshitting. He looked out for the cook out majorly and always hit me up when he got new shyt, fronted me on numorous occasions, and sometimes smoked me up just because. One day I ran into my old dealer. he was all excited like " wassup man?long time no see.you stop smoking or something?" and then proceeded to tell me how he got the me exclusive shyt on the streets and made up some on the spot name and proceeded to let me know how he was gonna hook me up real nice like but to keep it on the down low cuz he only could do it for me.LOL.

    He showed me a bud and it WAS some nice. I pulled out my bag with the same shyt and told him that 1 the name of it was trainwreck and the prices he was discounting me on were bullshit because I knew what the deal was.I tossed him his shyt back and rolled. I told the supplier that story later and we had a good laugh about it

  16. Cool story bro.

    But seriously, that was interesting.
  17. Go high and tits and ass is about 50x better...
  18. Holy shyt! My first CSB! LOL Never gotten one of those. I don't feel like such a noob now. Thanks dude!:yay:
  19. I know once in a while the strip club can be fun, but ive seen kids literally become addicted to it. Its sad......'busters just givin away money like that. In run down cheap joints. Im ebarrassed for em. And thats why unless im in vegas, i dont bother to hit the strip club

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