Going To The Strip Club For The First Time Tomorrow, What To Expect?

Discussion in 'General' started by Revrend Toke, May 18, 2014.

  1. Pregame hard bro so you don't get hustled by their liquor prices!!!!

  2. Haha OP.......Ive only been to one, not really my thing...its all a tease anyway!
    But the one key piece of advice I could give you is "Dont make eye contact" lol
  3. An empty wallet and blue balls
  4. I dated a stripper. I was fucking what you pay to look at.
  5. Was the pussy good man?

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    Yea she was fine, awesome cook, had 5 sons.
    Get me a warm up lap dance, not a spec of hair on that pooter. She was great!
    I ditched for a better gal, she latter was killed driving drunk and hit a tree at 80 MPH.
    I still talk with her sons on facebook.
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    sounds kinda gay to me.
    but @op , a lot of the details depend on the specific club you go to.  some have good food, some don't.  some are more expensive than others.  you said your friend is a regular there.  just ask him.
  8. Lap dances get expensive and you end up jacking off. Proper strip club etiquette is have a beer in front of you and a dollar on the cou nter so she spreads it inches away from your face. You can smell it and everything. can't touch. Go jack off. The girls will smile at you if you pay them to. Then you go jack off. Food? In a strip club????? Go home after spending all that money and jack off.
      But nevertheless, I think that every college aged male in America should go experience the strip bar at least once before they die. It's the all American thing to do ya know? Have fun bro.....
  9. Eh. I only go with guys that are socially awkward because it's fun to see them there enjoying themselves. Like I took my brother when he turned 18 and he had a blast, and this guy from my work who was 60 and just oogled all the girls and was practically drooling haha. Never go for myself, if I want to see naked women I can hit up a chick or go to a party/club/bar and bring one home. If you're gonna go, make sure you pregame because drinks are expensive. If they allow smoking bring a nice cigar and order a single malt scotch, enjoy the fun.
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    hope you have enough for sex after shes done workin.  other wise your just given them money to get you hard and still have to go back home and jack off. 
    and do things like roll up the bills and put them behined your ear, in your fly, hold one between your teeth, etc.... and make them do something really nasty for it.
  11. Bring singles (like $100), bring about $25 (find the stripper you think is cutest and you'll get a lap dance, should be around 2 songs for $25), drink/smoke BEFORE you go, drinks are really fuckin expensive. What to expect is exactly what you'd imagine, pole dances where you "tip" with singles, super crowded, loud, titties, ass, etc. It really depends on what kind of strip club you're going to a "black" club or "white" (for lack of a better term), I prefer "black" that's where the twerking and ass clapping is. White clubs aren't really my thing, skinny blonde girls usually from my experience, they can't dance plus I love big booty so it's just not my preference.
  12. The first time I went it was a trip.  Lots of fun, got a lap dance, but we stayed too long (went with a bunch of friends for a bachelor party).
    The next day was weird, because I was expecting girls everywhere to start twirling and peeling their shit off.  
    But honestly, I've spent enough time in figure drawing classes over the years where strips clubs aren't that appealing.  I loves me some naked chicks, but I ain't paying for shit.
    nah, that's the best way to get the girls. 
  14. First real strip club I went to (real by outside of America) was Pigales in Gatineau. Absolutely one of the best I've been to.
  15. Get yourself to the DAM, live sex shows the lot lol
  16. I've went a few times to 2 different ones, out of many, in a fairly ghetto city so it might be similar to ATL's. It was okay. The girls weren't drop dead gorgeous, but they were attractive enough I guess. I got asked by about 5 girls if I wanted a private dance, which I didn't. One of the girls came up on me and was putting my hands on her ass and sitting on me and whatnot, wasn't quite sure what she wanted me to do but I had just got there and wasn't even tipsy yet so I was pretty much just quiet lol. I mean it's okay ya know if you wanna see tits. Not worth it though IMO $8 cover charge and whatnot $4 drinks eh no thank you. My hands smelled like the strippers ass for the next 24 hours though. She had some kind of perfume on her ass lol
  17. BRO, I forgot to add in my last comment. GO IN WITH SEPARATE CASH PILES. Those bitches look for where you're pulling your money out of and if they see all your cash, they're going to try and make you spend it all. Couple stacks of 1s in one pocket, a few 5s or 10s in the other. Strippers don't deserve 20s lol, that's reserved for my drug dealer.
  18. Spend 50k at strip club then right it off on your taxes.

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  19. Expect to blow all your hard earned money on over priced drinks and hoes that could careless about you and if they seen you on the street wouldn't even give you a second glance. Do the smart thing and stay at home ,buy some cheap beer/liquor ,smoke some herb ,and watch some porn (or invite over a pretty girl to join you in getting wasted).
  20. I don't understand why anyone would pay a decent amount of money to get a boner in public and for overpriced drinks.

    --Ride the tiger, you can see his stripes but you know he's clean!--

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