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Going To The Moon - Need Your Help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MrGoatington, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. So basically this is my last night of winter break and I have to go back to school soon. I'm going to try to get higher than I've ever been.. for science. I would like some motivation though, a lot of the time when I want to do this I just get too lazy and stop smoking.

    This is also in celebration of ordering my first bong, it's not being shipped until Monday but no more diy stuff.

    Anyway, I'm going to update this thread in an hour or two when I start smoking and then every once in a while after that.
  2. Roll a gram in a paper and smoke the whole thing. Dude, you'll be destroyed. In a good way. (For science) :smoking:

  3. Yeah, I feel like I have to trick myself sometimes just to get past this sort of high cap. 7 months of daily smoking is my current tolerance, takes a good chunk to get up there. I like to take two or three big waterfall bong hits and then light a joint so I'm kind of forced into smoking a bunch.
  4. You land on the moon yet?
  5. lol he said for science haha
  6. 5 gallon gravity bong nuff said
  7. Protip, eat a mango like 30-45 minutes beforehand, it does some science shit and makes more THC cross over the blood/brain barrier and you get way higher. I did it once and I was on the floor of my friend's bedroom stoned as fuck listening to music just spacing out for awhile.

    Mangoes are delicious, nutritious, and scientific.
  8. 4 gravity bong hits in. Relatively small gravity bong, piece in the water is a Vitamin Water bottle.
  9. 8 gravity bong hits. I feel like pretty good. I'm going to continue this now.
  10. 12 gravity bong hits. 11 almost killed me, now I'm pretty confident birds are in fact salsa.
  11. Keep going :p
  12. inb4 marijuana overdose
  13. 13 gravity bong hits, 5 bong hits. I got some cinnamon graham crackers. I also got popcorn and microwaves are amazing. Also, cats are hilarious and popcorn is amazing, even burned.
  14. How much would you say you smoked in grams
  15. haha, love the idea man, keep us updated.
  16. Floating cars and candy bars
  17. This makes me want to do this. Think 5 grams would get me there? :smoking:
  18. OP will surely deliver
  19. Yeah, I ate the whole bag of graham crackers. It was a good time. Time to smoke, play call of duty and eat chinese food.
  20. I am planning on doing the same thing as you, though tomorrow is my last day of break, and i dont think i have nearly as high a tolerance as you. 8 gravity bongs hits sounds like more than i could handle :D

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