Going to the hospital

Discussion in 'General' started by maxrule, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, I'm going inpatient for a few days. Don't know when i will b back.

    I know its lame but I wanted to let you know so nobody on here thinks that I died or ditched them.

    I got a lot of friends on here :wave:

  2. I don't even know who you are.
  3. whats the reason?

    best of luck from all of us at GC!
  4. Get well dude
  5. They're going to turn you into a pill zombie :(

    Whatever the problem may be, I hope you get better, man :wave:
  6. Well... I've never met you on here but any blade is a good blade IMO. Get well soon.
  7. Penis reduction surgery?
  8. I hope you get some answers! Best of luck:)
  9. I had to do the exact same thing a few months back. Best decision I made, i feel the best I have in years. I finally responded well to treatment .good luck to you stay strong :)
  10. Get well soon, hospitals suck but it ends up good in the end.

  11. It worked!!!

    I volunteered to spend 72 hours in behavioral heath and it did me a world of good. They gave me meds for anxiety, my back and insomnia. I'm feeling better emotionally for sure. Group therapy did me some good and I made some good friends in there. I met a lot of people with much bigger problems than I got and it made my issues seem smaller by comparison. It helped me a lot just talking to them and helping to make them feel better.

    I'm in much better spirits, happy to be home and ready to smoke a fatty for sure. :smoke: Thanks for all the love.

    I love all you guys and gals here in the city!!!!

  12. Sometimes you just need a little vacation:smoke:. Welcome back!
  13. Ft

    THIS is what I love to hear! I did a three day inpatient too, those were the most amazing.helpful people. It took me hitting rock fucking bottom, I didnt want help I "knew" no one would want to listen or care.

    But im so glad to be here, my.life, my happiness. I got on some meds that are amazing. I went from wanting to die everyday, to grateful for my life :)

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