Going to the gym high.

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  1. Anyone else love doing this? I usually smoke a bowl out of my pipe and do some weightlifting. Makes me try harder and feel like a beast haha :smoke:
  2. My shit right here. I'm never caught without having a bowl ready and packed before hitting the weights and bag. I'm always at least high if I don't have any weed. Resin Ftl/w... sorta'.

    Just makes it a hell of a lot more enjoyable than it already is. Their just seems to be a certain deep pleasure that comes from seeing your body covered in sweat with your eyes red as the devils dick.

    Tl;Dr - Working out and smoking is awesome as fuck. Do it up.
  3. I used to toke up right before the gym...

    Dam I never ran so many miles in my life. I'm so high that I zone out on the music and just go. It was the best, I used to do 3-5 miles straight nonstop on speed 8-10.

    I gotta get back to that, fuck.
  4. I used to love working out stoned, I gotta get back in the gym starting to gain some weight
  5. I usually just want to sit down and not run if i just smoked. What I do is I usually smoke after.
  6. i made a thread exactly like this like a week or so ago..

    anyway, i love going to the gym high because i focus more and get more motivated for some reason.. plus i get lost in the music and dont pay attention to the reps im doing so i end up doing wayy more
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    I remember that thread.
  8. haha wat i hate is working out a few hours after blazing, i just feel less motivated
  9. yeah u gotta do it instantly, which is why i choose to do it at the parking lot of the gym as opposed to doing it at home.. once i burn out i dont feel like doin shit anymore lol
  10. As a matter of fact I just did it this morning. I'd say that it helps a lot and it makes the workout a lot more enjoyable.
  11. I worked in a gym for five years all the way through college...Vaped a bowl practically every single day for those five years while I was there..Being high in the gym is my norm now days :rolleyes:..but yea I definetly think it can help out as long as your serious to begin with..I love health and fitness in general so regaurdless weather I'm high while working out, I bust my ass when I get in that gym..
  12. ^^^ thats true, i guess as long as you like what you're doing at the moment, blazing will just make it better.. there has to be the initial sober motivation, same applies to the gym.

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