going to the gym baked

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  1. id heard of this before but i never thought id like it because i always get real sleepy and lazy when i smoke, but it's amazing. you feel like you could work out forever. i used to never be motivated to go to the gym cause i didnt like it, but now its like my favourite past time.

    and if you take an mp3 player its even better!
  2. oh hell yeah! i love working out high. its so much easier and funner. specially in between work outs and u hit a bowl.. thats the best.
  3. it's amazing what weed can do, eh? does the high last the entire session for you?
  4. I love it I do it everyday energy drink and a nice spliff on the way to the gym:smoking:
  5. I do something similar,

    I go to the YMCA baked and play basketball

    youd be surprised how many shots I can make while high!

    It doesnt throw your coordination off at all!

    and plus it is just wayyyy fun

    blaze on :smoking:
  6. I started doing this and it's good. I always go with a friend so we blaze in our car before we go in.

    Play some basketball to warm up and then some weightlifting, then more smoking...
  7. im not really into it. id rather wait until ive cooled down and showered and eaten.
  8. Really? I never even considered it would be nice because of the same reasons as OP named but I'm definately gonna give it a try! At least some push-ups at home, anyway ;)
  9. But woudn't sativa be better than indica in this case?
  10. I find working out high to be a lot easier. I find I can work out for longer and continuously work out with out having to take a break to relax. When punching my bag I find my coordination is also a lot better, I find I can come up with different punch combinations quicker and keep well focused during the work out. Just my opinion.. :)

    Happy toking GC :bongin:
  11. absolutely.
  12. my mondays and wednesdays i smoke in the morning, fuck around til class at 130 (eat right before) then at 3 when class is over i drive to the gym, change in the car, then lift. I usually am just a little bit still high, but barely. hard to explain but you guys probably know what i mean, the 3-4 hours after youve smoked where youre not COMPLETELY un-high, but not the same as when u first smoked.

    anyways, it probably helps me zone out and just do what i came to do (with music on of course). I dont know if it has an effect on my willingness to push more weight tho
  13. when i lift sober i get really bored and lose all motivation to workout but when i smoke it keeps my mind flowing and i always get a good workout.
  14. Couldnt of said it better. :smoking:

  15. I know exactly what your saying
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    It's a beautiful feeling, it really is. When all your blood is flowing and pumping through your veins, you got this amazing buzz and you're just feeling good in your body.

    I contest that marijuana (partly because it increases your mood and brings you more into the present) can be managed along side any hobby or activity to increase performance.

    This is never mentioned in mainstream society because of lame stereotypes.
  17. I almost always smoke before I go to the gym. I lift for so much longer and I love to hit up that sauna afterwards. I also rockclimb a little better right after I smoke, little more focused and determined.. once i start coming down i get too lazy tho.
  18. Best way to work out ever. And watching comedy central on the cardio machines is bomb. I feel kind of unconfortable though when I geek out and there is someone right next to me... lol
  19. ive never gone to the gym baked but one time when i was at my friends house right after we smoked we went to play video games in his basement and he has a bench down there too and i was messing around with it lifting something that i could do easily when im sober but when i was baked i got to about 4 reps and one of my arms gave out and the weights on one side fell off causing the bar to fall on the other side and i almost put a hole in the ceiling with the other side
  20. I utterly love working out when I'm high and I agree with what your saying.

    You just nubbed out

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