going to the dr. for panic attacks

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  1. ok i am going to the doctor at 1:30 because i have panic attacks while im driving. i just want to know what kind of medicine you guys think the doc will give me(if any). the panic attacks started about a year ago after a bad accident but they seem to be happening more and more lately.:confused:
  2. xannax or lorazpam
  3. or Klonopin, it's being used more often than Xanax nowadays, prob .5mg to start or some other sort of less potent sedative, but since it's a very specific situation a benzo would probably be the most effective treatment
  4. Zoloft is what I have been on since Sept. 2008 and man, life has never been better. I was basically unable to drive and had to give up weed for a while as it freaked me out. Now I'm back to normal, driving, blazing, panic attacks a distant memory.

    Good luck panic sucks!

    PEace - OGh
  5. they gave me .25 xanax and 20 mg citalopram (celexa). has anyone ever taken the celexa before?
  6. Nope, but assuming you don't abuse them those quarter grains should still help you with your attacks. If it doesn't, your doctor will probably up the dosage, just like all controlled substances they start you at the lowest dose to find the proper dose.
  7. i dont think that the doseage for the xanax is gunna be strong enough. ive taken xanax before but i didnt want to tell him. how long should i wait to tell him that they are not strong enough?? like a week or 2?
  8. i'm assuming you got a month's supply of the xanax. it's best to wait until your script is gone, ie if he gave you 60 pills, two a day, wait the month. dont' call him back in a week telling him you ate them all and his dose wasn't enough.
    at the very worst, call him after a week and say they're not working (but only take a weeks worth in that time period) so you'll have amount of pills you're supposed to have, if the dr wants to count them. and he might, xanax is a widely abused drug.
  9. he only gave me 30 pills and it says to take every 6 hours as needed
  10. Ouch, only .25 mg? Pretty harsh. Celexa is just another SSRI, mainly prescribed for depression and sometimes anxiety.
  11. haha right it us pretty harsh. im really only going to use them when i have an attack cuz i dont like them that much but they help. im hopin to get the 1mgs from him soon tho...:smoke:
  12. first you'll get the .5mg's, then the .75mg's and then finally maybe the 1mgs. he won't bump you from .25 to 1 though.
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    It's finally good to see someone posting here about going to see the doctor (about getting drugs) for LEGITIMATE reasons.... I'm glad they gave you some alprazolam to help with your anxiety. They'll increase your dose soon enough as long as you don't abuse them (or rather not let them know you're abusing them). Hope everything works out!

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