Going To The Dentist

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  1. So I just got home from the dentist. I got 8 shots and 4 teeth pulled (no not my wisdoms, get those pulled last summer). I have braces and the reason for pulling these teeth were so my smile would be pulled back. Knowing I'd be a little nervous about this, one of my good friends hit me up asking if I wanted to make the "pre-game jitters" go away. So we rolled 2 nice 2g blunts of strawberry cough and blazed away. While in the chair, I barely felt the shots, but in my mind they hurt like hell. So while the dentist is prying at one of my teeth he says "suction" to the dental assistant. Now, for some reason this became the funniest thing in the world to me and I couldn't stop laughing. Now here comes the weird part, I couldn't feel my face, and what i thought was laughter was just my imagination. To make the funny go away I had to visually picture myself laughing. :D
  2. haha wow. ive gone to orthodontist checkups faded before haha, but i cant imagine getting teeth pulled faded.
  3. it made it a lot easier lol
  4. dude no matter how many times i brush my teeth after i smoke a blunt my breath still ranks, they always smell it on mine and crack jokes :) i get kinda sketched out tho, paranoid they'll say something to my mom
  5. Yeah man, when they give you those anesthesia shots when you're faded, its so fucking trippy. It was a good high.
  6. i fuckin hate the dentist!!!!
  7. Man, fuck the dentist bro.

    If I went in there high it would just be a big buzzkill for me. I've had so many cavities (I didn't brush when I was little, dont judge me) that if a needle goes near my mouth I will spaz out LOL
  8. when i get the laughing gas.. its wonderful

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