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going to the dentist

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by man_myth_legend, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. alright so i been smoking for a year. i went to the dentist for the first time since ive been smoking and the laughing gas seemed to have gotten me extremely high. the dentist laughed at me after the whole thing cause i was just outta it. i wonder if this happent to him before.

    has this shit ever happen to you guys?
  2. Laughing gas is nitrous so I am sure he has seen quite a few people have that same reaction lol. If you want to try nitrous recreationally go to your headshop and ask for whippets.

    They are cartridges that are used as a propellant for whipped cream dispensers like the ones they use at starbucks. You have to get a thing called a cracker and you crack the cartridge open into a balloon and inhale. Its best when when do at least two cartridges.

    Try it next time you are high. You will love it. If you do in fact get some say the word nang repeatedly out loud after you inhale both balloons.
  3. i always get the gas! cost a little extra, but well worth it - fun! ya know they even have it in different 'flavors' for kids?
  4. Ive done whippets before. Fucked up shit lol. Then i did other fucked up shit. :hippie:

    My friend did about half the pack of like 24. We didn't use a balloon he had a restaurant whip cream dispenser and you would just shoot it down your lungs its crazy. I have smaller lungs then normal and my throat is small. So I had a hard time doing it, but gets so lifted.
  5. Wtf? lol they have different flavors? :hello:
  6. Haha, yeah, they have flavors. It works similar to the way a bong works if you put a flavored liquid in it, kinda. They bubble the nitrous through the flavored water. It was on an episode of Pimp My Ride except with oxygen.
  7. Vitamin water rules as bong water.
  8. hmm i will have to try that
  9. some dragonfruit sounds pretty good for some bong water. i imagine it gets kinda sticky though
  10. i got completly retarded off laughing gas before. it was my first cavity filling and it was hurting bad when they drilled. so i asked them to up the gas, well they fucking did. lol i was so fucked up. the next time i had a cavity filling i got some "relaxation" medicine to take before the appointment. idk what it was, but i was pretty high as well, then i got the gas and was gone.

    dentist rule.
  11. Hahahaha yes! I used to love going to the doctors. Everytime I would get laughing gas. Just laying back feeling like your floating in the air its so cool. This one time the dentist was telling me to open my mouth so i clenched my teeth together and started growling. And another time I was just laughing heaps loud for no reason, the same type of laughing when your heaps stoned.
  12. Lmfao. :hello::D.

    Did you dentist just laugh at you?
  13. i had my wisdom teeth pulled and was gased. when i remember waking up in the dentist office i remember exploding in laughter. made my cotton balls in my mouth fly out everywhere.
  14. ah i was totally thinkng about going to the dentist high.. i hate the densist =(
  15. 3 or so weekends ago my buddy dropped a bill on whippets and we did them all in a row in a parking garage. good times for sitting in a garage....
  16. Whippits are the shit. I did them long before I started smoking. I busted some out the other day and they are just amazing. Put on some milkdrop and bring up your favorite music and suck and blow the shit out of that balloon. You get so much higher if you power-toke (keep breathing in and out of it until you're really high) the balloon. That being said I never got the gas in the doctor's office but I can see how it can fuck you up. I'm always pretty chill when I'm under the influence of anything, but some of my friends just get completely off their tits when they do whippits or smoke. I guess it effects us all differently.
  17. its all about Forumula 50 lol

    smoking tolerance has nothing to do with nitrous tolerance
  18. my dad is a dentist and when I lived back at home I used to work part time in the basement of his office just filing and shit like that. Pretty much the whole time I worked there I would take hits of the nitrous tank every couple minutes. It was a crazy job. It only costs him around 7 dollars to fill up the big ass tank of it too. Im pretty sure dentists make quite a bit off the stuff.
  19. I just did nitrous this past weekend. Good stuff, but I probably won't do it for a while cause it's a little pricey.
  20. My friend told me going in high when you know you're gonna get the gas is just the best. I've always wanted to try that but I think I'm a bit old now to get the gas for anything.

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