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Going to the dentist high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GR1BB5, Jul 31, 2010.

  1. Okay In a lil over a week I have to go to the dentist:(. I have hated the dentist my entire life and have some really terrible experiences as a child. I have to have a tooth drilled and filled and have been putting it off for almost a year now. Do you think that if I smoke before I go I would be less nervous? Have any of you went to the dentist high?:confused:

    thanks for the input
  2. well ive never done it but it doesnt sound like a good idea. it would probably make you less nervous but you would also have a dentist sticking there face up to your mouth looking at your teeth and i would b worried he would smell the weed on my breath. if u can fix ur weed breath then it should b fine
  3. If its for a regular checkup, I dont think it matters
  4. I wouldn't suggest doing it, there going to give you shots in your mouth and I hate getting shots when I'm high I dunno about you though.
  5. going to the dentist high sounds like it would be terrifying.
  6. yess ive done it as long as ur not going under any anitsesics stuff like i had to one time when i had to get my wizdom teath out but one day i decied i was gonna hit my bong befor school and i ussaly hit my bong once every morn and fuckin get shit done at school. so i decied i was just gonna hit the nice ass nug of some headies and go to school i had to get myy teeth cleaned and i got a cavity filled to youll be allll goood plus the laughing gas is quite a bit better when ur high
  7. someones gonna be all up in your grill, that would make me paranoid high
  8. dude ive done it a couple times and i never will again. its bad. i only had cleanings done when i did it and the scraping is TERRIBLE!!!

  9. Bro you can't risk laughing with some homie above you drillin on your teeth
  10. It's really not that big of a deal, but everyone is different in the way they handle their high.
  11. Why does that matter?..
  12. I have done it. It's much worse than sober.
  13. I almost went to the dentist high when I had to get fillings. Decided not to. I think I might next time I get fillings though, just cause fillings suck so much.
  14. Ive gone to the orthodontist high, same thing pretty much. It wasn't that bad actually, but thats just me because weed usually doesnt affect how much fun I have. Im either doing something fun or not, high or sober isn't as important.
  15. i would definatly go to the dentist high itd make it fun for me
  16. Depends on you & the dentist. I did it once, funnyiest, most painful scrapping ive ever had. to top it off when she was putting the cotton in my mouth she told me i now knew the true meaning of kottonmouth.:D
  17. I'd probably do it. But, maybe not HIGHHHHHH high. Maybe just enough for a buzz and some good feelings. I feel like if I got baked and then went to the dentist, I'd probably have a horrible time.

    Either way, "there's a first time for everything." You've already gone to the dentist. Why not go high? ;)
  18. I've done it, no big deal. The funniest part was in the waiting room, as there were some funny ass people in there. I swear this massive black guy was also high. He had red-ass eyes, and he seemed way too happy to be at the dentist. The dentist, if she noticed, didn't give too shits, as things were very routine. At the end she asked if I smoked, to check me for mouth cancer or some shit, I don't know. I told her I only smoke weed, and she just did the check like any other smoker.

    So really even if your dentist knew you were high I don't think they would care. They just want to do their job. The only bad part about the experience was that it was a pretty boring way to spend a high.
  19. I went high and it made my teeth more sensitive, and I tend to be sometimes a bit more stand-upish when I'm high, and when I told them to stop and inject me with novacaine to stop it from hurting they said it shouldn't hurt unless I had a cavity.

    I sat up in the chair and politely asked her again, saying that it hurts a bunch (which it does, sensitive teeth suck especially being drilled into) and to please do something to prevent the pain. Again she says that this procedure doesn't cause any pain unless you have a cavity or other dental problems.

    I stood up and said "Well it hurts, I'm at a dentists office with a dental problems, so inject me with novacaine and then continue fixing the problems."

    Again she insists that I will be fine without a painkiller and she could, but doesn't feel necessary to do it. She then says it should be over in about 30 minutes.

    So I just ripped the bib off and the sucking/drying tool that was in my mouth and threw it on the ground and walked out the office and said "Theres a reason I pay you to do your fucking job." refusing to pay with my own money. Never recieved a bill for that appointment :).

    Last time I ever saw that dentist.
  20. i've done it, it sucks since it's boring as shit just sitting in the chair.

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