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Going to the dentist high.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pj1008, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. Have you ever tried it? I have a dentist appointment on Friday and I hate the dentist, I am not afraid i just hate the sound of the instruments on my teeth, the drill, the taste of everything they use, the smell, and I have a really strong gag reflex and always feel like i am about to throw up when I go to the dentist. Now i was thinking smoking a bowl before might help calm my nerves a little bit and i was also thinking that it might be a little overwhelming.

    I plan on waking and baking getting a shower and going to the appointment so it will be about an hour or so after i smoke that i go in so i will be coming down while I am sitting in the chair so i am thinking that might not be fun.

    Also my mom works at the dentist office that i am going to (she will not be there that day though, she has off) and is really good friends with the person who will be cleaning my teeth so I can't have her finding out that I am high. Now i can hold my shit and i am not worried about going in and looking stoned or anything like that i am just worried that even if i use Rhoto's they might notice my eyes looking weird being as they will be like 6 inches from my face the entire time.

    So have any of you tried it? Recommend doing it?
  2. DO IT, just don't go stoned, it's scary
  3. It may work to calm your nerves. Personally I'd probably rather just get it done sober and then come home and blaze all day. Maybe go back to sleep after getting it done so that you can properly wake and bake later when you have no more responsibility for the day.
  4. I'm with nutty. If you hate going to the dentist then smoking weed afterwards would be a treat for you.
  5. fuck that! That would be scary as fuck haha. Plus my dentist always makes conversation with me the whole time, so going stoned would be awkward.
  6. haha never went to the dentist high but i had to post this
    one time i went to the orthodontist pretty fuckin blazed
    i had to get xrays in this machine that spins around your head
    yeah i had problems, i was tryin to get in it while it was spinnin
    to sum it up it didnt go well lol, n i felt like a dumbass
  7. haha cephaliccarnage, thats pretty funny. So would the spinning things kill you? or what would have happened? lol I'm pretty curious :smoking:
  8. lol I dont really remember. it was just pretty embarassing, coes for once i actually had a pretty hot orthodontist.
    i just kept tryin to time it right to get my head in, but i kept failing n bumping into the spinning part
    just felt like such a fuckin dumbass lol
  9. Oh haha that's pretty funny dude. I was picturing this huge metal deadly spinning thing that would chop your head off or something haha.
  10. did it in Highschool getting wisdom teeth pulled and its not the funniest thing.

    your like this the whole time :eek::eek::eek:x100

  11. haha oh no nono. i was wonderin why you said so whatd it ikill you?!
    naw just some thing that wasnt even spinnin that fast
    somethin like that, maybe a lil different. just picture some stoned person tryin to get into it while it was spinnin
  12. hahahahaha oh shit man. I'm so fuckin' high and that picture just cracked me the fuck up. I pictured a completely stoned person walking into it, yet trying to dodge it and failing completely xD

    Sorry for that stupid question, I'm a little baked lol.
  13. lol its cool man i dont really care atleast someone enjoyed my story thats all i care about. even better if you +rep me for it. just throwin that out there haha
  14. Yeah i'm thinking going to the dentist high might not be the best idea, I will probably be scared shitless haha. Also the fact that the person cleaning my teeth is my moms friend/coworker and she really likes to talk so i think i'm just going to save it for the drive home haha

    Also why do dentist insist on talking to you while they are groping the inside of your mouth with sharp tools? Maybe it's just me but i would rather just sit there and get over with it. Although i guess it would kind of suck to do that job then... Yeah i would probably talk to the patient too i mean it would get boring as shit if you had no one to talk to.
  15. fuck that man. shit would be terrifying.
  16. When I was 15 i went to optometrist stoned. I forgot i had an appointment. No shit. He made me stare into a trippy fucken light so he could evaluate the health of my eyes. I was so paranoid. He didn't say anything - thank god.
    Yeah, I was a dumb kid.
  17. i go stoned all the time.
    doctors too.

    its not a big deal just act mature and not a dumbass

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