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Going to the Dam...locals chime in

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bluecheese, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. So im heading to the Dam for my 2nd time, this will be my last trip for a while and i definitely want to hit the best spots and best unknown spots. I've been to Dampkring, Bluebird, Axium and some others. Bluebird and Axium were my favorite but i know theres probably a ton others that are way better most people dont know about. I tried a lot of different strains while i was there and BlueCheese was my fav. (hence the handle). I want to get my hands on the lastest Cannabis Cup winners and check out some tight clubs (discos) as you say. Any locals got some advice? Nobody likes to look like a tourist
  2. Yes, they do plan to clean up the red light district but i believe it was the other way around. Only 30 shops got shut down and some 200windows, the rest are open and over the next 5-10 years the plan to really clean up the selling illegal drugs and close most coffee shops near the redlight disctrict. There is no smoking Tobacco inside a coffee shop (unless they have a dedicated area) as far as i've heard and read. I still believe theres plenty of shops around. I went the last week before the new tabacco laws kicked in last year.

    Hopefully some locals can shed some insight...
  3. The last I heard, this was still be hotly debated in Amsterdam.

    Anyway... Dolphins and Rookies (if it doesn't get shut down) are my two favorite coffeeshops in the Dam. I find the shops in the Centrum can get pretty crowded, and become more chill and less crowded the further away you get.
  4. sweet, ill check those out, hopefully there not shut down

    anyone else have any secret spots?
  5. even in places a-dam, why can't it just treated like alcohol. None of this bullshit 5 gram laws, why does the world's government hate cannabis soo much??:smoke:
  6. ^ because the american government and harry anslinger got the world/country leaders all together and fed them there propaganda and lies. and at that time, many of the worlds countries depended on america for certain good and services, including protection from other countries. so they signed on ignorantly, and then started to brainwash the public with anti marijuana papaganda.

    from what ive heard, amdam is a pretty safe place compared to the united states cities. but then again, our city crime is skyrocketed and our cities are more dangerous than ever, well, other than the alcohol prohibition time. but there probly is illegal drugs there too, like most places. so there probly just trying to clean the place up and bring in more tourism.
  7. bump for more locals to chime in....i need to know the spots

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