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going to the cup!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 420AG, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. i just got my plane tickets, bought my judges passes and put down a deposit for our hostel. just a little over three months and i will be chillin in the motherland! i havent been smoking much lately because this is my last semeser of college so i hope i dont look like a lightweight when i show up.:smoke:
  2. So what do the judges passes entitle? I hear you still have to pay for bud?
  3. Nice. I plan to also make that journey in this lifetime. Enjoy and take a lot of pictures.
  4. oh man, you lucky son of a bitch.

    one day, i'll go to the cup. you should make daily reports for us, and upload them when you have the chance. mmm you are going to be so blazed the whole time :D
  5. Grats dude, make sure you write about it!
  6. how much did your ticket run you? i have been planning my 2nd trip and the price ranges from 800-1200 w/o taxes
  7. yeah man, way to go!

    im sure were all very jealous so if you could please post something about how you planned it and how much its costing you that would be sweet.
  8. ahh please post trip details! ticket prices, judges pass details, etc! and deffinatly pictures and reviews of your trip! have fun

  9. you will.

    start training now, or be prepared to be too high to judge....the weed is pretty fuckin epic, man...

  10. I'm I've heard that as a judge, you're required to buy a certain amount as well. Is that correct, OP?
  11. Just make sure you check out Abraxas...
  12. i paid 903 for my plane ticket. i paid 250 for my judges pass and was under the impression the bud i am judging was free. if not why the fuck pay for a pass
  13. good deal...enjoy. :hello:
  14. Yeah that was my impression too.
  15. Good stuff man! Hope you enjoy yourself, we'll probably bump into eachother at some point.

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