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  1. Im taking a government class at my high school and get to go to the capital and talk about bills that are currently on the floor. There is a bill currently on the floor about the use of medical marijuana in minnesota! although I wanted to research the bill some dumb mother fucker thats a "front smoker (smokes to act cool)" that took the bill. Either way we get time to talk with whoever we want and I thought it would be cool and fun to get some questions you might have for these people who wrote the bill and are working hard to get it passed! So my GC family post questions you would like me to ask about the Minnesota medical marijuana bill!!

    this is a great oppurtunity for me to get a more in depth knowlegdge of the MMJ bill very excited :D

    Chief skii
  2. You can look up the legislation here:

    The Senate Bill is S.F. 97 and the House Companion Bill is H.F. 292.

    It seems as though the only hurdle at this point for this bill to get passed is Governor Pawlenty. He repeatedly states that law enforcement is in opposition and that he is going to defer to their "expertise" on the matter. However, last I checked, law enforcement is in the business of ENFORCING laws, not deeming which ones are legal or "morally appropriate."

    My questions would be:

    1. What EVIDENCE is the law enforcement community providing that proves that medical marijuana would cause problems in enforcing the law?

    2. What is objectionable in this bill, as it is now written, to the law enforcement community? This is basically a continuation of the same legislation from the last session whereby the concerns of law enforcement were already addressed and amendments to the legislation were made. Why is it STILL objectionable?

    3. Why does Governor Tim Pawlenty attend pro-life rallies stating that all life is "precious" and is then willing to turn his back on those who suffer from devastating diseases?

    4. What medications are LAW ENFORCEMENT stating that work better than marijuana?
    Oh wait, they aren't doctors or scientists- never mind. :rolleyes:

    5. Why, when polled, is the Minnesota populous so in favor of medical marijuana, and the governor acts in direct opposition to the will of the people? There is bi-partisan support for this legislation.

    Be sure to check out the legislation before you go. It will only take a few minutes to read it. You will see, from the list of conditions that are eligible and the strict limits on who and where medication could be grown that there really is NO need for law enforcement to be in opposition to this bill except that they are seeing medical marijuana as a stepping stone to full-out public acceptance of the idea of legalization, and therefore, money out of their pockets in the future.

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