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Going to the basketball game

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Feb 2, 2003.

  1. I gotta go take my youngest son to the basketball game. Be back shortly!
  2. groovy... hope he has fun while at the game :D
  3. I'm back. We won 20-18. It was a great game!

    Would have enjoyed it even if we had lost!!!!!!
  4. I am so psyched because someone gave me some free tickets to see the Lakers versus the Knicks on Feb 16 and its like six rows from the floor. I hope I get Kobe sweat on me. :)
  5. Just got back from the laker/jazz game. Free $80.00 buck tickets. WOOHOOO.

    Kobe made a great 3 pointer at the half. Cocky little bastard.

    Anyway, ya gotta love em cause they're great, but ya hate em cause they know they are.

    Too bad I don't have tics for the 16th
  6. and tonight was chalupa night, so everybody got a chalupa coupon, but I gave mine to a homeless guy. Just imagine the taco bell runs he'll have with all those coupons. :)

    But hey, a great game, and munchies, what more could you want.

    Has anybody tried smoking at Staples. i did, but it was at the DMB concert, so i don't know if it would fly at a game

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