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  1. Well, currently I am living in Park City Utah with my dad.  I've been in Utah my whole life, and my dad's been here for 21 years or so.  We recently sold our house that we are building and decided that we are going to be moving to Del Ray Beach or Miami in Florida, once the house is finished.  He also sold his agency and got some extra money off of that.  My dad has been wanting to own his own boat since he was in his early 20's (my age).  Now that we're moving to Florida he's going to buy a 46 ft Sundancer, probably an 05-06.  Since he's getting the boat and it takes a year for me to establish residency in Florida we decided that we are going to take a year off and boat around the Bahamas for a year.  We are planning on visiting all of the small islands and heading up towards Puerto Rico.  I have never been to to the Bahamas and am very excited for this trip.  We will be moving to Florida at the end of August or early September, then we will be taking fishing, boating, bar-tending, and all sorts of other classes.  Once finished we will be leaving towards the middle of November (hurricane season is sept-november).  I am creating this thread so you guys can tell me about your experiences in the Bahamas.  Also, what to be careful of, look out for, hot spots, cool places to visit, etc.  Don't try talking me out of it if that is your intentions.  I know it is dangerous, but we will be taking the correct per cautions (getting guns, etc).

  2. Thats so dope man..im gonna visit the bahamas one day i wish you well on your venture

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  3. I hitchiked a ride on a supertanker back in 1971, got off in nassau and got a job crewing on a yacht heading to St Lucia.
    We were becalmed for 3 days and used the motor to go into Arthurstown on Cat Island to get fresh water etc.  Except we were sailing by charts and the Captain brought us in at the wrong place (inside a coral reef) and we eventually ran up on it and the whole boat went down while we sat and watched in the little lifeboat. :)
    In those days, very few people visited Cat Island and it was magic.  I also spent a week on Long Island which had more tourism.
    I expect it is much more difficult to run up onto a reef these days.

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