Going to St. Petersburg Florida have a few questions

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  1. hey city, so me and one of my best friends are going to St. Petersburg next week , im so stoked ive never been to florida, im just wondering about the availability of herb down there and such
  2. It's there....but like pretty much any other place in the US you have to know the right people to get a connect. Hopefully you strike up a conversation with someone who has some and willing to sell or knows someone that will.
  3. If you're willing to stop by Tampa I can hook you up. I don't serve, so if you're down for the drive and to smoke me out on an l I can def. hook it up.
  4. The crippy down here in Florida is the shit. It's pretty much what everyone sells too. At least where I live.
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    Stop in clearwater.

    And if you're getting mids down here, watch out for the shitload of brick and crap floating around.

    DO NOT buy from the gangster kids in st.pete, you will more than likely get robbed or ripped off. Be careful with who you deal with out here.

    Get back to my PM and I'll help you out a lil more.
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    Go to Sunset Beach in Treasure Island FL, they have a drum circle every Sunday on the beach tons of hippys and you should easily be able to find there. Its an old hippy beach and one hell of a place to catch a sunset :smoke:

    Treasure Islands like 15 minutes from St. Pete.

    PS. Don't buy bud in St. Pete on Martin Luther King BLVD, best to avoid that area.
  7. I used to manage a couple restaurants down there in St. Pete and just about every one of my employees sold pot, so I took advantage....I was young(er) and dumb(er) ....really blew that gig

    anyways, yeah, there are some great deals on super good mids (kind of an oxymoron), I was getting 5-6" seedless colas of fruity, skunky mids for under a buck on the ounce from multiple people, it's everywhere
  8. yea im also from tampa which is 20 mins away, there is tons of herb here but you do need to know where to go, over in clearwater there is good weed and the prices are fair.
  9. Just go to any beach in the area...you'll find some.
  10. florida gulf coast university is in st. petersburg so i'd say that's probably the best place to start.
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    Clearwater is really your best bet dude, not nearly as many shady people as long as you stay out of Greenwood, a certain mall there is a pretty good place.

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