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Going to smoke for my first time...ever!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by roffels, May 7, 2011.

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    Hey guys so here is my story,

    I have barely slept for the last month or more and finally got a sleep test done and got into the sleep doctor and upon talking to him I was diagnosed with sleep apnia and insomnia.... I have already tried about 3 or 4 different sleeping pills and some other ways of falling asleep and nothing has worked and this sleep doctor is putting me on some really nasty sleeping pills and well i really hate prescription pills .... and for oh the last 3 weeks or so I have been thinking about and reading and researching about trying some maryjane. oh and ontop of all of this in 2007 I was in a car accident that screwed up my spine, shoulder blades and neck so I live everyday in lots of pain.An even tho I am 18 I still sat down and talked to my mother about it because a. she is an awesome mom b. she is a nurse and c. its her house. So she totally agreed and is allowing me to smoke in the house and she said she would love to join in a few times. great now to get something to smoke. So my moms bf is a huge toker so I asked him and he had no problem with hooking me up for free for a bit. so now i got my stuff just needed something to smoke it in. so I ran into town and went to a local head shop and looked around felt a little nervous since it was my first time but the guy who worked there was really friendly and nice and taught me about some things and showed me around. after showing me some pipes and bongs he offered me a pipe for $100 i was like "woah im looking to spend around $30-40" lol. So I continue to look around the store and found a bong and it was $29 but it was wood and he said that it wasnt the best so I continued to look. He told me to come here for a sec and pulled a really nice bong out of the shelf and said "ill give this to you for $40" i was like ugh man I only got $30 so he said DEAL! upon further investigating the bong was $59.99! he gave me $30 off with no taxes! and this bong is sweet! its real thick glass, has a ice pinch,perc and a diffuser and ontop of that its a slide!

    so if you are still reading this tonight around 10 30PM EST i am going to try to get high for my first time and hopefully be able to fall asleep for once!!

    Thanks for reading! dont be afraid to comment back!

  2. hahaha, good for you bro. enjoy it.
  3. nice man it would be better if that was a sativa some kind of weed is better for sleeping but most likely you're eyes are gonna droop no matter what ;)
  4. This is a great first post! Sounds like you got a great deal on that bong. Way to be responsible and talk to your mother about it as well. I really hope marijuana can help you. Enjoy :smoke:
  5. woah man. thats a beautiful situation your in hahaha

    enjoy it man, hit it like a champ and youll fall asleep but your muscles will still be doing tribal dances ;)
  6. Thanks for the quick replys guys! im pretty sure its going to make me feel real tired cuz my moms bf said that this stuff even makes him tired when he smokes it lol
  7. Awesome bro. Bravo!!!!!!!
  8. Good luck and welcome to grass city man. Hope to hear more about your new lifestyle.
  9. Once again guy thanks... but I really dont want it to be a life style I just want it to be something that helps me sleep and thats it. I only want to do a bowl or a few before bed and thats all I really want to try to limit my self to.
  10. Have fun man. Different strains do different things to you, so if you can find one that helps insomnia that will probably be great for you. Infact theres a list on this site somewhere of what different strains help with.
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    He said he needs to sleep and is in pain so indica is the way to go there's no way he won't fall to sleep and forget about all the pain take light hits of that bong new lungs won't handel it and could make your first bong experience not so great but if u are no punk and can take it go for it will be the best shit u ever smoked even if its mids.... and more than likely if its mids its sativa.. most is...

  12. we love to see a new toker, much like myself, started about 2 weeks ago...your gonna love the feeling man :cool:
  13. #13 yaboy614, May 7, 2011
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    Lol regardless u will start to love it and then u will start smoking it everyday because its great. Other than that u can stop smoking when ever u want because its not a drug. Us government got everyone tricked. :SMOKE:
  14. As I remember, the first few times I indulged, I was nearly trippin'. I though the chicken wing I was eating was as big as my head. I thought I had walked for miles, turned around and I could still see my car. The point I'm making is that you probably won't want to sleep because you'll be having too much fun...or freaking out a bit. Stick with it for 4 or five days. If it doesn't give you sleep results, please continue to smoke anyway. I am not a doctor.
  15. Yeah I would start off with an indica strain. After I smoke some kush/indica strain I always just pass out real early and wake up feeling refreshed the next day. With sativas it makes me stay up and want to smoke more lol.
  16. Great story man, rep slap!

    Welcome to the wonderful world of MJ. ^^

    Put on some of your favorite music and let 'er rip!
  17. #17 untamedlion33, May 8, 2011
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    You know i said the same thing but after awhile of using it just for my dsps i learned some things about it. It dosnt matter how you wann look at it, it just sorta turns into lifestyle. And its not bad. That's why everyone is happy for you.

  18. Truth. It's a great lifestyle. Only been living it for about a year now, and I already know this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.
  19. #19 tokeysmokey23, May 8, 2011
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    Not trying to start something, just fixing a common misunderstanding. Cannabis is a drug. A drug is anything you take that makes your body function in a different way than it normally does. It is a drug, just a non-addictive, harmless, beneficial one.

  20. #20 untamedlion33, May 8, 2011
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    No its a plant. Like many types of plants its a psychoactive herb with numberous health bennifits. A drug is something made in a factory. Otherwse you might as call water a drug. Lol.

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