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Going to setup a grow, could use some advice

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Chamonix, Aug 27, 2018.

  1. Looking for some general advice to put me on the right track. Years ago I grew 4 plants or so under CFLs in some weird, second hand closet grow box thing. They where in soil, LST and such. It yielded a unsurprisingly small amount of harvested product.

    Now, I have the chance to grow for real. I have a space to grow, its 2'X4'X5' or 24"x48"X60". This seems almost prefect for a grow tent. I would likely be doing 2 plants as a SCROG. I am a bit stuck on the lights. I was thinking 400w HPS/MH vented light. But I don't know what ventilation to use. I cant vent outside so a carbon filter is 100% mandatory. It is a smaller room in the basement, but it gets pretty cold during the winter. The room would otherwise be fairly closed off. How much heat will a 400W light put off.

    As an alternative, I have looked at various LED lights in the same wattage. However from what I remember, cheaper LED lights perform worse than comparably prices MH/HPS lights.

    2X4 Grow tent, 400W HPS/MH or LED.
    Ventilation for almost no odor.
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    Trying to be reasonably priced so 500$ on lights is a tough pill. I am open to different tent sizes, but i am hoping to net 2oz per month roughly or a pound and a half a year. Hoping to harvet enough to not be running full blast in the summer.

    I can grow a max of 4 planets (canada is awesome). So I was thinking 2 plants in soil, scrog, a mother in another box then cut some clones for easy rotation in.

    Also have a hard stop at 60 inches and 24 deep. Can do probably 4 feet long. Its going to be im a closet.
  3. my cmh were 420 each
  4. Closet under the stairs in basement?
  5. Closet in basement office. Which is also my spare bedroom.
  6. The light setup I posted is $250?
  7. Oh nevermind I just saw Canada. You can't get those US amazon prices on HLG. There's an alternative to HLG board thread in the lighting section. HLG does have a .ca Canadian site now but the selection is limited.

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