Going to set up my FIRST GROW tent this week! CAN YOU SEE IF I NEED ANYTHING ELSE.

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  1. Hey guys, So i have finally decided to grow through with my medicinal grow room. And I wanted to get some advice from more experienced growers and see if my setup will be good enough to support 6 plants. I am probably gonna try to grow MASTER KUSH AND MAYBE BUBBA KUSH, I am going to buy them from the dispensary as clones. this is what I plan on getting...But please, if you have any suggestions on better specifications to make my FIRST GROW tent better, Im open to all suggestions.


    This system consists of the Drip Feed DWC Hydroponic System (24"x20"x8.5" - 8 plants). It is very affordable and the perfect size to turn any space into a garden. The system features large 3.75" super fine net pots which gives you 25% more room for your roots than a standard 3" net pot. Includes: Sunleaves Pulsar 400Wswitchable mini system, 400WH.P.S. bulb, Intermatic 15 min. grounded timer, and quart size starter nutrients.

    Hydroponics Tent 48x48x78 Hydro Cabinet Grow Budd Box - eBay (item 330333049091 end time May-27-09 19:31:22 PDT)

    its dimensions are 48 x48x78...so its a big tent

    im think of gettting a small fan for the intake to cool the room and have a ozone carbon filter exhaust(not sure about this purchase, what will make my room not smell) because I have a big bedroom and I am going to put the tent in the corner of my room. I want to minimize if not elminate the odor coming out of the tent. IS that possible?

    -Portable air conditioning unit that cools 12000 btu, so i can keep my room temperature at whatever its the most ideal.

    -Thermomater/humidifier guage

    My buddy is going to help me set everything up...HOW MUCH DO YOU THINK I CAN YIELD FROM THOSE 6 kush plants? :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:
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    i dont know if u have purchased ur tent as yet' but anything wats pvc related' give it a wide berth; myself i wouldnt buy anything with white interior at all not worth the risk' pay the extra few quid and get somthing with myler interior'as i stated in some of my post i have been struggling for well over a year now and all along it was the tent givving offgassing'now the tents gone back and my plants are thriving in my new tent ' if u looking for good results in a tent u will most likely have to adjust things acordingly to the plants needs' i'l explaine how i have got my tent to work and i hope it works for you;i have an inlet fan and the same size fan for extraction; the extraction fan is fitted on the roof bars; the inlet fan i use is bolted to 1 of the poles at the back with a duckting that runs from the bottom holes through the fan and back to the floor' i HAVE A HUMIDIFIERE OUTSIDE THE TENT IN RUN AT 85% THE REASON FOR THE HIGH HUMIDITY I WILL EXPLAIN LATER'when i put well rooted cuttings into the tent'i put the lights as high as possible for the first 3 days with the inlet fan on'NOT THE EXTRACTOR'then day by day the lights come lower in acordance with what they can take'i put the humidifier about a foot outside the tent inlet point' not directly at the mist' the fan pulls it into the tent and when it reaches the interior of the tent; its a perfect 74%BUT THATS IN MY ROOM' DONT EXPECT THE SAME IN YOUR ROOM' JUST MOVE THINGS AROUND A LITTLE' U'L GET THERE''after about a week when the plants are settled i lower the humidity to around 60'% and on comes the extractor and the inlet stays where it is'then i turn on a ocilating fan inside to even things up; i have had that many problems with grow tents and got a lot of experiance with growing 19 years to be exact' and its only over the last week or so my plants are taking off as i want them to do in a tent i will post u some pics in the next week or so' hope this will help ya; as i stated its started working for me' hope it works for you and u dont run into problems like i have'CHEERS

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