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Going to send my dad an email about the truth on cannabis.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Feelin Irie, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. So, this morning we kinda had a little chat about drugs and what not. We never really got to the subject of marijuana, but he said that he was also curious and what not and tried drugs. I didn't ask what he tried, but it got me thinking.

    I'm pretty sure he's misinformed about the reality of cannabis, and my mom isn't open minded enough. My dad would definatley read it and actually think about it. :smoking:

    I almost got caught once, but played it off to where it wasn't me smoking but my friends. When it happend the car ride back was pretty bad, and my mom flipped, but no so much my dad (This was a while ago). But, he said something along the lines of "You'll get it for free a couples times, then you'll be hooked, and you'll need it. Once you need it, you might not have money to keep buying, and you'll get into drug dealing."

    When he said that I was just :mad:, no way that's anything near what can possibly happen or does even happen. Maybe with hard drugs but definatley not with bud.

    This is why I want to send him an email, not from me, I'd make a fake email or something, but I don't want to come out and say anything for fear of him getting mad. He's a fairly open-minded and smart guy, so I think this may work.

    My question though, does anyone know of any pre-written emails I can snag or something? Or do I just need to buckle down and write one out myself.

    Thanks guys, blaze on :hello:

    Ohh, a bit offtopic.

    That time when I almost got caught I had to be drug tested and so on. I passed, 2 days after smoking and it was a lab test :eek:. Chugged so much water haha, it was pretty great. But my question is, I haven't smoked in like a month due to just me being worried of a random drug test happening.

    Say I smoke, and take jsut one decent hit, I haven't smoked in a while so I'm guessing I'd get pretty blazed right? I used to be a daily toker :smoking:

    Also, what're the possibilities of it showing up on a test say, 2-3 days later with lots of water drinking and some exercise?

    Thanks guys, much appreciated!
  2. Uhm trying it a few times, then buying it yourself, then selling to get money to buy has happened to several people I know. Not saying it will happen t you, but your dads not bullshitting.
  3. If I were you I'd tell your mom off.... lol, making an 18 year old take a drug test. I'd probably piss on her face and say "Here's your drug test bitch." And then I would :bongin:.

  4. He ment it like I'd be addicted.
  5. I don't think that it is a good idea to send something that important through email. If you talk to your dad straight up man to man, he will respect you for having talked to him in person. Sending an email on something like this would be similar to breaking up with someone through text messaging, it just seems like you can't be assed to deal with them in person. If I were you, I would print out a few studies, download the union and sit down with him one night when your mother is away.

    And you should be fine with those drug tests, just don't smoke to much.
  6. Sorry for the double post, well I'm still in hs =(

    I don't really have a choice, it's w/e I guess.
  7. Well as far as the email goes, I think you should just write it to him and personalize it, send it from your email. Let him read it on his own time, if he is at all reasonable he will have to see some good from it. Be sure to cover why it was even made illegal in the first place.. not because of the drug, but because of the war. >.< If you need help let me know!

    If I were you, I wouldn't smoke, you made it this long, and what better way, if you pass your test, tell your dad, yeah I smoke, I didnt get hooked, I stopped for X amount of time to show you that I am not an addict, I was just tested and no THC. --- sounds good to me.
  8. I feel you bro. It sucks living at home. I just hate when 'authoritative figures' try to tell you something when you know they are so effing wrong about it... I don't know, lol.
  9. The union.

  10. Yeah, if I do smoke it wont be more than one straight rip.

    See, I really would LOVE to do that. I was so close to just saying it, but I'm just a bit worried of what can possibly happen... like if he makes me take weekly, or something, drug tests.

    It wouldn't be me sending the email, well I mean it WOULD, but he wouldn't know that. I think it might just work. I'm guessing he'd call me in show me it and what not, and I'd pull out some facts and show him the truth.

    Shit, who knows maybe he'd let me toke in the house :hello:

  11. But If you have a relationship where you can't necessarily be open and talk about it, specially if you have one parent who is 100% against it and the other just wants nothing to do with it simply for the fact that they dont want to put a damper on the relationship, having an adult conversation and hearing both sides, sometimes is better to write letters back and forth, until that line of communication is open. Im just saying It might be a little more appropriate for his situation.
  12. Yeah kanna, it's super aggravating when my mom tried to bitch me out... when she used to smoke cigs.

    I mean come on now, you can't possibly be that brain washed!

    Caregiver - My parents grew up in Ukraine, Kiev. I was born their aswell, they're pretty damn strict as parents go. I just really don't want to risk anything =/

  13. This.^
  14. Jarhead, the way he said it he ment that you can get addicted to bud.
  15. lol i used to send my mom texts like this haha. get blazed and tell her the truth about cannabis
  16. I'm creating something that is specifically for persons in your situation to send to whoever they want to inform about marijuana's truths. You can find it here. It is in the first stages but the outcome should be worth the wait.
  17. /thread?
  18. Thanks for the links guys, they look great!

    I think I'm going to go ahead and send him the union.

    Hmmm, I wonder if he'll watch it, hope so. I need to think of a proper email name so he doesn't just disregard it because of the email name.
  19. The only problem with the Union is that it is long which might make him not want to watch. If he does, he'll probably just call it biased and give it the cold shoulder. And I can't lie... It is biased but the information presented are facts and nothing can change that.

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